Talking It Up With Conversation Expert Patrick King

In the fourth and final installment of the conversation mini course we talk to best selling author, blogger, and conversation coach, Patrick King.


Thanks for talking with us, Patrick.  Before we get into it, I’m curious to know, how does one go from being a corporate lawyer to a social skills and conversation coach – what does that journey look like?

Thanks for having me, Michael.  What does that journey look like? Easier than you might think! I got lucky, but I was also just very intentional about doing things I was simply interested in. I started writing and coaching (dating and online dating at first) while I was a practicing lawyer, and eventually it got to the point where I was obviously much more interested in that alternative path, and there wasn’t any choice other than for me to jump out of law. People like to see it as brave, but it wasn’t brave to me. It was just my only choice because I also didn’t like law very much!

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Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges: The Best Way To Break Free From Social Anxiety

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