How These Apps Helped Me Become A Total Badass

best version


The following 4 ‘free’ apps help me be my best version.

They help me stay focused on:

my goals;

improving my health and fitness;

mediation and relaxation;

meeting like minded people


If you already have one or all these free apps, good for you!

If you don’t, I recommend getting them.

Of course like most ‘free’ apps you can upgrade for a reasonable investment.

I haven’t upgraded yet because the free versions suit my needs now.

However, as I continue to make progress upgrading is a given.

This is not a paid or endorsed review and all the links are non-affiliate.

However, if the developers of these apps want to leave a tip in  tip jar.


Success Wizzard


Best Version 1

Success Wizard was created with one simple goal in mind: to help a million people worldwide live happier, authentic and fulfilling lives.

In my time using this app I can say this goal is being met.

The app is helping me live a happier, authentic and fulfilling life because I am invested in it.

When I’m slacking off or have the C.B.Fs (couldn’t be fucked) this app gives me a gentle kick up the bum through reminders and notifications.

Nothing new or unique about that I agree, but because I’m hell-bent on achieving my goals, I take action.

Like all of these apps they only work if you invest in them and yourself.


What Do I Like Most About This App

In short, just about everything!

Particularly its emphasis on planning, tracking and taking action and the menus for each one.

Goals are nothing more than fantasies without the above.

The app is comprehensive and detailed, but navigation is surprisingly easy – you won’t throw your phone in frustration.

It has sections for pretty much everything, including:

reality checks

goal setting

action planning

weekly rituals

personal habits

morning routines

mid-day checks ins

evening routines

weekly results

progress reports

‘my’ patterns


I especially like the my notepad’ and my journal sections.

Here you can not only write notes but also your ideas, questions and concerns.

You can reflect on events and happenings, as well as your moods and feelings.

The what does you life look like in three years section is also a favorite.

What Don’t I Like About This App

This is knit-picking but I find the app over the top.

I get bored or disinterested going through each section and adding/updating information because it is time-consuming.

Still, it’s time worth spending.

Availability:  iTunes.

Upgrade plans: one month $5.99/one year $34.99 US.



Screenshot (26)


This app’s motto is: “Improve people’s wellness through mobile.”

And that is certainly does.

What Do I Like Most About This App

The Argus app has many functions and features which help it meet its aim.

The one I really like is find your community.

Here you can add your existing friends who use the app or make new connections with people both locally and elsewhere. 

Numerous studies exist about the benefits of the ‘buddy’ system and how it helps you become your best version.

I use Argus primarily for the daily steps counter.

Best Version 2

The beauty of this is you can automatically track how many steps you are taking every day and set specific targets.

You are kept motivated through personal or group challenges and articles from industry experts.

I find calorie counting a waste of time and energy so the snap your food  function works well for me.

They say a picture tells a thousand words and this is the case as you look at what you’ve eaten over the course of the week.

This is a great way to track your eating habits and make adjustments.

When I ‘analysed the data’ I was shocked at how much calorie dense food what I was putting in my mouth.

It has a calorie counter for those who like this method.

Other awesome features include:

water intake counter;

heart rate monitor;

sleep time;

calendar and weather overview


What Don’t I Like About This App

It doesn’t make my coffee in the morning.


Availability: iTunes and Android

Upgrade Plans: one month $14.99/ one year $46.99  US

Pranayama Breathing

Best Version 3

Saagara’s mission is:

to improve health and raise consciousness of individuals throughout the world.

Did you know pranayama breathing may alkalize the body and reduce inflammation?

Since I’ve been using it I have noticed an increase in energy and improved breathing.

When I’m stressed, tired, or frustrated, I apply pranayama breathing techniques and instantly return to a calm state.

Mission accomplished, Saagara…well done!

What Do I Like Most About This App

It’s straightforward and easy to use – simply tap on and begin.

The 3D dude demonstrating the correct way to breathe is a nice touch.

It explains each level of difficulty – beginner, intermediate, advanced – and  coaches you through each one like a boss.

It has relaxing music that guides you through inhales and exhales and a timer so you can monitor your progress.

Once you become comfortable with the app, you may choose to switch off the screen of your device and rely on the app’s effective audio cues for natural guidance. This feature is also ideal when using the app to sleep and you wish to conserve battery life

What Don’t I Like About This App

It’s interface is ugly and it crashes…a lot.


Availability: iTunes,  Android, Nook, Mac App


Upgrade: Ad based app. No upgrade available.


Best Version 4


This app’s motto is Find your people.

And that you definitely can.  is hands down the biggest, bad ass social networking app on the planet.


What Do I Like Most About This App

You can join groups your interested in and attend an event the same day.

You can find and connect with like-minded people.

You can extend or rebuild your social circle easily and effortlessly.

You can meet men and women and hook up for fun times ( they even have swinger parties).

You can start you’re own meetup group with a few clicks (costs about 15-30 bucks a month).

You can message people and block stalkers.

It has a calendar of events so you’re always kept in the loop.

It is a cure for loneliness, boredom and the single life.

What Don’t I like About This App

It’s pain-staking load time irritates me and it crashes a bit too much for my liking.

It won’t go out with me.


Availability: iTunes and Android

Upgrade: N/A


So there you have it.  This is how these 4 ‘free’ apps help me be my best version.


As always, thanks  for reading.


Share  your thoughts:

Do you currently use any of these apps? If so,  which one is your favorite or most used?

How are they helping you be your best version?

What other free or paid apps do you use or would recommend?

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