5 GentleManly Things To Do This Weekend


Last time I wrote about 5 Manly Things To Do This Weekend.  This time I want to run a list of 5 gentlemanly things to do.

Like last time, the idea of this list post is to suggest ways we can continue on our life long quest to become high value men. So what exactly is a high value man?

He is:

  • Unapologetic for being a man
  • Hard working and strives to be better today than he was yesterday (even it’s only 1% better)
  • Aware of adding value to people’s lives at every opportunity (without expecting anything in return)
  • Well read, resourceful, and always ‘sharpening the axe’
  • Always doing the right thing as opposed to the nice thing (even when no-one’s around)

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In keeping with the previous post – 5 Manly Things To Do This Weekend – I link to blogs that not only teach us how to be gentleman, but also live and breathe the core values, beliefs, and principles of the high value man.




Read A Classic

Reading a classic (Shelly, Homer, Hawthorn, Dickens, Melville, et.al) simply screams gentleman, and is one of my all time favorite gentlemanly things to do on the weekend.  We can learn many things from not only the classic itself, but also its author: how to select and savor a fine wine, whiskey, cognac; how to appreciate the fine arts; what to look for when choosing a tailor, and so on.

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A Night Of High Culture

“As in a theatre, the eyes of men, after a well-grac’d actor leaves the stage, are idly bent on him that enters next, thinking his prattle to be tedious.” Richard II (c. 1595), Act V, scene 2, line 23.

Most of the guys I grew up with thought going to the theatre or an art gallery or even the museum was only for girls, and if any bloke went to the aforementioned they were ‘pansies’… for want of a better description.

Not true.

Sure, attending any of the fine arts won’t send your testosterone levels through the roof, but it makes you a cultured man, one of class and distinction; sophistication and refinement; knowledge and wisdom.  A man deeply invested in himself and the legacy of life-long learning.

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Build A Gentleman’s Library

Start by designing the layout of your gentlemen’s library. Then use your manly skills in D.I.Y and build a bookcase and coffee table.  Visit a Flea Market and fill the shelves with the Classics. Decorate with a selection of fine wine, whiskey, brandy, cigars, a dart board, rug, lamps, and two to three pieces of manly wall art.

Your gentleman’s library has now become a gentleman’s study.

Of course, this need not be done all in one weekend.  Take your time with it.  Spread it over many weekends, or months, and just enjoy the process. If you don’t have any spare room run the idea past your brother, uncle,  mates, co-workers, etc. and help them build a gentleman’s study.

Resource: Creating The Perfect Gentleman’s Study


Visit A Cigar Bar

Visiting a cigar bar is both a manly and gentlemanly thing to do and is something every man should do at least once for several reasons: it’s an establishment where men can be men and enjoy the company and wealth of other men; indulge in opulence, refinement, and sophistication; network with like-minded men; gain knowledge about cigars, cigar bar etiquette, and so on.

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Skill Up In Arguing 

Avoiding conflict/arguments is not only unmanly and cowardly, but unhealthy: studies* have shown anger, anxiety, fear, resenting oneself etc, build up and are released through excess porn/masturbation, exercise, binge drinking, over-eating, idleness and so forth.

I speak from first-hand experience because I once avoided conflict like the plague!

It took some time and a lot of hard work, but I now accept conflict is a part of life.   Having learned the gentlemanly skills of conflict resolution I now lean towards it, rather than run away from it.  As a result, I am much healthier mentally, and highly respected in and out of the workplace.

Resource: How To Win An Argument Everytime


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.