5 Crazy Ass Ways To Become A Better Man Right Now


I could crap on for a couple of minutes with a Pulitzer Prize winning intro, but I thought fuck it, let’s get straight into it.

N.B: I’m not sure why I chose that image for this post..it felt good at the time, I guess.

5 Crazy Ass Ways To Become A Better Man Right Now

Warning: Doing these challenges over and over will not only help you become a better man and 10x your social skills; they will also turn you into a chick magnet and a total fucking badass.

1. Howl Like A Wolf In Public.

This sounds harder than it is. I confess, though, I struggled getting up the nerve to do this. I reckon I must’ve walked around for a good hour before I said “fuck it, I’m doing this to become a better man, so fuck what people think.”

Tip: Start a conversation with a stranger or say hi to strangers  before doing this challenge. Better yet,  lie down in a busy public space for 30 seconds . This will help get you in ‘state’ and make the howling like a wolf challenge easier.

Here’s me howling like a wolf at the Queen VIC Markets, Melbourne.

Credit: comfortzone crusher challenges

2. Selfie Video In Public.

This tested me. I mean it really tested me.  For whatever reason I found this harder to do than the howling like a wolf challenge…and every other challenge for that matter.

But the buzz that came from doing it lasted several days and now, after doing them a kazillion times, has made me comfortable filming myself in public, talking in front of a large audience, giving a speech at a social gathering, and so on.

Here’s the thing: I missed out on work and social opportunities, and avoided giving presentations, before doing this challenge over and over.

Fuck that noise!

I couldn’t give a fuck anymore, and I’m no longer restricted in this area – I jump at opportunities like this when they present themselves.

Tip: Practice a few times with no one about.  Then when your ready record yourself walking into a busy public area. This will help ease the nerves.

Here’s me doing this challenge


3. Have a cold shower every day for 7 days

How does a cold shower make you a better man? Many benefits come from having a cold shower. Studies show it:

  • Increases alertness
  • Improves hair and skin health
  • Helps shred unwanted fat
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Helps speed up muscle recovery
  • Eases stress
  • Relieves depression
  • Shrinks your penis

Most importantly it helps you become comfortable being uncomfortable. Here’s how: it conditions the mind to accept that the longer you stay in an uncomfortable situation the easier it gets, and eventually becomes comfortable or at the very least, manageable .

This is very powerful when you go out by yourself.

At first you’re going to be uncomfortable, but the longer you stay in the club, party, restaurant, etc. the easier it is going to get.

Tip: In the beginning start with 5 seconds and increase it daily. Or start with hot water and gradually increase the cold.

Here’s me having a cold shower (don’t laugh!)


4. Go Out By Yourself.

Many of us, myself included until I did these challenges, miss out on having a good night or travelling somewhere because we have no one to do it with. This can because our friends are busy doing other things, we’re the new kid on the block, or rebuilding our social network.

Thing is, as I have learned, going out by yourself is the best!

I do it all the time now.  I love it because I can go where I want, when I want and I meet new people. If you’re a single guy this is the best way to meet women.

You don’t have your mates cock blocking you or making you look bad in their drunken stupor, and women see you as a confident, brave, social leader.

A high value man.

Tip: Have a cold shower before going out.  As soon as you enter the club or party make small talk with the staff/host.  Order a drink and gesture ‘cheers’ or say “Hi guys…having a good night?” as you walk around.  Women will notice your presence and positive vibe and place themselves in your orbit. Do not hang out in the dark corner and look at your phone!

If you’re heading out to dinner sit outside the first few times. Once you become comfortable with this move inside.

“Yes lives in the land of No” – Steve Chandler

5. Ask For What You Want

We all want something in particular, but are afraid to ask for it. For example, a job, a promotion, a raise, a loan, a favor, a date with that attractive woman, etc.

I badly wanted to interview Dr. Robert Glover, author of No More Mr. Nice Guy, but let the fear of being told ‘no’ hold me back.

That is until I did the above Better Man challenges over and over.

They helped me face my fears and realize that I am good enough. They have helped me understand that a ‘no’ is a good thing because I have gone after what I want.

As Steve Chandler says “Yes lives in the land of No.”

A no means I am one step closer to getting what I want.  With this in mind I emailed Dr. Glover and told him I would like to share his story with my readers. I received a reply a week later saying that he would love to take part!

Ask for what you want and don’t let fear of being told no hold you back. Embrace rejection and learn from it. Getting rejected is the best way to transform your life and become your best version.

Bonus – Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges:

Super Hero Challenge:

  • Wear a mask in public and say hi to people walking by!
  • Focus mainly on women

Check out me doing this challenge



  •  Wear a wig in public and start a casual conversation with people, preferably women.

Here’s me doing this challenge


Next Steps

  1. Share this post with friends, family, anyone you feel who could benefit from doing these challenges (which is everyone!).
  2. Go out and record yourself doing these challenges

Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.

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