7 Reasons She Isn’t Returning Your Texts


So you’ve found her. The girl of your dreams.  You hit it off  and get her number. You go on a few dates which you thought were awesome. Heck, she even told you she had a great time. Then, for some unknown reason, she stops returning your texts.  You sit there dazed and confused trying to figure out what the hell is going on.  After all, you’re a handsome, witty, dashing man who’s got his shit together, right?

Below are 7 reasons why she isn’t returning your texts and how to fix them.

1. You’re texting too much.

This is the big one.  Many guys, myself included once, blow up a woman’s phone if things are going well…and sometimes even if they’re not.  As guys we seem to get fearful that the hot girl we’re dating won’t want to continue dating us.  It’s like she’s the only hot girl in the whole wide world so we must do everything we can to make sure she only has eyes for us…like blowing up her phone.

Here’s the thing: If you text her repeatedly or ask her why she isn’t returning your texts, you will come off as desperate, weak and needy. She might even find you creepy which means she definitely won’t text you back.

Don’t be that guy.  If she doesn’t text back don’t stress. Text her a week later and see if she responds. If she doesn’t, cut your losses and move on. This girl isn’t worth anymore of your time.

Warning: If she is engaging in your constant texting she has friend zoned you!

In this short video dating and relationship expert Corey Wayne gives a good example of why women are like cats and why sometimes they stop texting.

2. She’s busy.

Yep, as much as it’s hard to believe, women get busy too.  Wait a week before texting her again. If she doesn’t reply move on.  Why?  If she’s fuck yes into she’ll make time to text you back.

3. She has personal things to take care of.

As the saying goes ‘shit happens.’  She may have a personal situation going on, had an argument/falling out with a friend or family member, etc. More than likely that’s the reason she is not returning your texts.  Wait a week before texting again. If she doesn’t reply move on. Why? If she’s fuck yes into you she’ll find time regardless of her situation. This is why I always stress to guys I coach to choose a woman who chooses you.

4. She’s talking to other guys.

One of the main reasons she is not returning your texts might be because she is talking to other guys at the same time she’s seeing you. She is trying to work out who and want she wants.  You should be doing the same.  A lot guys I know do this, but where they go wrong is they don’t tell her they’re dating other women.  Being honest with her is non-negotiable.  If she turns out to be ‘the one’ and she finds out you’ve been dishonest you’ve blown it.

In this short but informative video highly respected dating coach Richard La Ruina tells how to date multiple women at once, while being honest.

Important: Honesty in dating works both ways. If she isn’t up front with you let her go.

5. You got too funky too soon.

I stress the importance of teasing, flirting and creating sexual tension when interacting with women at any stage, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t know how to do this properly and come across as sex-crazed teenagers.   They come on too strong or get too funky too soon. This is a sure-fire way to ensure she stops returning your texts.

 6. You bored her.

You’re dates were exciting and memorable.  She told you she had a great time.  So why has she gone cold? Why isn’t she returning your texts?  Because while your dates might’ve been exciting and memorable you weren’t.  You came across as extremely lame and mundane so she decided to move on to someone more exciting.  Just kidding, though they may have been the case. Hopefully not.  For whatever reason she just didn’t click with you. Remember women are emotional beings. What they feel one moment can change the next.   Never fear.  Beautiful, intelligent women are a ‘dime a dozen.’

7.  She blocked your number.

You didn’t create any attraction or strong feelings on an emotional level.  She’s just given you her number so you would leave her alone.

Take Away:  Always choose a woman who who chooses you.  She’ll willingly give you her number and go out of her way to open doors for you.  And she’ll never ignore your texts (unless of course you make a mess of things). In fact, she’ll always text you first during the initial stages.  Only use the phone to set definite dates. Never engage in idle chit-chat. Leave that until you’re well and truly into a relationship.  Be honest with her if you’re dating other women.

As always, thanks for reading.

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