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Our purpose is to help men become better with women and relationships, but more importantly, become better men.

Our motto is Live Honestly. Invest In Yourself. Attract What You Are. We detest medicority, victim mentalities, and negativity. We value highly hard work, integrity, accountablity, never-say-die attitudes, and having a fun.

Our CEO and founder, Michael Riley has close to thirty years experience dating women, and openly shares this knowledge and insight with our readers. He is not afraid of talking about his many failures with women, either. “As long as they’re willing to learn, talking about my ‘faliures’ with women helps men, I believe, more than talking about my successes or how to be successful with women.”

Michael has studied and learned from some of the most successful and highly skilled men’s dating and lifestyle coaches, including Bruce Bryans, David Deida, Corey Wayne, and Dr. Robert Glover; he draws on these works throughout this blog in his own fresh and unique way.

As a former long term sufferer of social anxiety, nervousness, and low self-esteem, Michael knows first hand what it’s like to feel isolated, alone, helpless, and depressed.  “In my experience the best and most effective way to overcome this is by intentionally putting yourself in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations on a consistent basis. This is why I created Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges.”

In 2016, our first year running the course, we helped three men overcome, or better manage, social anxiety, nervousness, fear, and self-doubt.  We are incredibly proud of this achievment.  We are taking a break in 2017, but are re-opening the online course early 2018.  If you would like to know more click here

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  • Produce well written, lively, value rich content at all times.
  • Only share resources I trust and know work.
  • Continually assess, evaluate and improve this blog so you always have a memorable experience and get the most from it and do so in a fun, relaxed and easy-going way so your time here is not only memorable, but enjoyable as well.


Posting Schedule 

Generally every Thursday and Sunday.

About Me

  • I’m a  Men’s dating and lifestyle coach
  • I am a mentor/role model for young men living in Out Of Home Care.
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Lit. from James Cook University.
  • I’ve had over 30 sales jobs and been laid off more than once   – a ‘blessing in disguise’, though I didn’t think so at the time.
  • I’m a fanatical James Bond fan – Sean Connery and Daniel Craig are my favorites.
  • I play touch football and indoor cricket.
  • I’m a Krav Maga expert (becoming one, anyway)
  • I’m a published poet – check out my first collection Forty Two Cents In A Rainbow.
  • I play guitar, mostly rock and blues.
  • I like most music- AC/DC and Guns-N-Roses are my favorite bands.
  • My favourite dishes are Italian, Indian, and Middle Eastern cuisines; bacon and eggs; chicken; and of course the humble Aussie meat pie!


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