Epic Match Up: Aziz Gazipura Vs Corey Wayne


This epic match up between Aziz Gazipura and Coach Corey Wayne is part of a review challenge.

As I’m a man who can’t resist a challenge I just had to take part… hay-fever and all. That’s right, I’m dying slowly as I write this post.

As the universe would have it I had intended to write a review post this week anyway…funny how things like this fall into place.

In my dazed and confused state I have decided the Epic Match Ups will be a regular feature. This may change once my state of mind returns to ‘normal.’

What am I writing about again?

Ah, yes, the epic match up between Aziz Gazipura and Coach Corey Wayne.

Both these guys are self-proclaimed confidence/dating/peak performance experts. One is a charleton and one is the real deal.  Both are authors and have well followed You Tube channels.

This epic match up focuses on their You Tube channels alone.

I rate their channels out of 10 in the following categories:

  • Quality of videos
  • Quality and quantity of content
  • Ability to engage audience through humor, story telling, body language, personality
  • Popularity

Dr. Aziz Gazipura- You Tube Channel: Get More Confidence

Quality of Videos

The quality of the good doctor’s You Tube videos have improved ten fold in the last year or so.

When I discovered his work in February, 2015 he looked like he was recording his videos on his 2005 Nokia phone.

Watch this video for an example of what I mean.

The black background of his new make over, though not distracting, is boring and sterile – I would like to see Aziz record these videos with a bright backdrop or even outdoors from time to time.

Rating: 7/10

Quality and Quantity of Content

Aziz is a trained psychologist so one could safely assume he knows what he is talking about when it comes to self-esteem, confidence, overcoming anxiety, fear, limiting beliefs, etc.

But how good is he passing on advice about women, dating and relationships?

Useless as a pile of turd!

You heard me – this guy doesn’t have a clue in these areas, though he thinks he does. He openly rambles on about he lacked confidence and self esteem in college, how ‘stuck’ he was when it came to women, and how he overcame this by taking consistent, bold action, blah, blah, blah. To the down trodden and broken-hearted he is God-like, but to those in the know he is a nothing but Trojan Horse -everything he talks about is misleading, beguiling, and deceiving.

I’m just jerking your chain!  Had you going thought, didn’t I.  When it comes to getting advice on becoming better with women this Gazipura dude is fully sick, brah.

His videos dish out a good serving of clear, practical advice, every time.

Watch them over and over and apply what you learn and you will attract women easily and effortlessly.  At times he adds too many ‘fillers’ to his videos and they are drawn out and  repetitive  – though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

He only has one or two videos on building better relationships and I can’t recall any on ‘how to have a successful first date’ and the like.  He uploads a new video once a week on average.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ability To Engage Audience Through Humor, Story Telling, Body Language, Personality 

Gazipura excels in all of the above.

I love watching his videos because, apart from the awesome advice he gives, he makes me laugh or giggle like a schoolgirl (hehehehe) always tells a great story and has positive, confident body language at every turn.  I feel like I have known the dude all my life.

He is prepared to step out of hiscomfort zoneand interact with his audience as well, which is pretty damn neat I reckon.

Rating: 9.5/10


As at 8 September, 2016 Aziz has 20,478 subscribers.

When I found the good doctor’s work last February he had under 5000.

Working off that number he has around 1000- 2000 people subscribe each month.

Aziz’s last 10 videos average 2752 views and 243 comments.

His most popular video is Stop Being So Nice with a healthy 302, 185 views and 777 comments (and counting) since being published in  2014.

That’s a staggering 100 times the average of his last ten video views and more than double the average for comments.

Rating: 7/10

Overall score:  31/40

Corey Wayne – You Tube Channel: Coach Corey Wayne

corey wayne

Quality Of Videos

Wayne’s videos are top-notch.

Rating: 8/10

Quality And Quantity Of Content

Wayne knows what he is talking about when it comes to women and relationships,  becoming more confident and being your best version.  Like Aziz he has been ‘stuck’ and has lived what he talks about.   In his own words he has spent millions studying under gurus like Tony Robbins, Keith Cunningham, Dr. Robert Young.  Many of his videos are 20 minutes or more and you learn a shitload from watching each one. He uploads a new content twice a week on average.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ability To Engage Audience Through Humor, Story Telling, Body Language, Personality 

Wayne is funny, but not ‘funny funny.’ And he has a mind numbing, monotone voice and I find myself drifting off from time to time.  He is master story-teller, however, and able to wake me up from my cat naps pretty quickly.  Like his voice, I find his body language mind numbing – he doesn’t use his hands when he speaks, and shows very little emotion, excitement or personality.  He reminds me of Brain from the Thunderbirds.

Rating: 6/1o


As at 8 September, 2016 Wayne has 132,387 subscribers.

I discovered his work around about the same time as Aziz.  Wayne had well and truly under 100,000 subscribers – If I recall correctly he had 75,000.

Working off that number he has roughly 2800 -3000 people subscribe each month.

Wayne’s last 10 videos average 17578 views and 1260 comments.

His most popular video is Do This When She Backs Away with 560,730 views and 667 comments.

Rating: 8/10

Overall score: 29.5/40

Winner: Aziz Gazipura.

Aziz is a force to be reckoned with and a deserved winner in this epic match up.   Wayne is a great teacher and his insights into female psychology and feminine energy is guru like. Ditto his advice on dating and relationships, overcoming limiting beliefs, health, and peak performance.  However, Aziz’s humor, wit, personality, and vulnerability make him more interesting and ‘real.’ The result – you absorb and retain more information and make ‘the shift’ much faster.

As always thanks for reading.

Over To You

Who do you think is the better of the two overall?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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