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Completing Michael’s Next Level Comfort Zone Challenge Course has been the single best thing I’ve done for overcoming social anxiety, and incredibly it came at no financial cost… only a time commitment of about 10 minutes per week.”

James Fraser, Newfoundland, Canada



The benefits of doing Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges:


  • Approach and talk to attractive strangers as easy as breathing
  • Create amazing relationships with like- minded people and have an awesome social life
  • Say ‘yes’ to more opportunities
  • Assert yourself more
  • Stop caring what people think of you and be relaxed and confident in social gatherings
  • Speak up in meetings, ask your boss for a raise, promotion, or take on leadership roles
  • Know on a deep level that you are good enough and deserve the best in life


 What Are Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges?

I could ramble on about this but I much rather show you:


Some of you might be thinking “Woah, there’s no way I’m doing that!”  If you are thinking that great.  Embrace that fear and negative self-talk.  Realize that it’s only your inner-critic trying to stop you from growing.  Besides, like any new skill, each participant starts off at a level they’re comfortable with, so don’t get your knickers in knot…

What others are saying about Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges

Michael pays an incredible amount of attention to his students…it’s incredibly motivating to see someone who genuinely cares.

Mihir Mukhopadhaya, Jakarta, Indonesia


Since I’ve been doing the challenges I have more control over my inner critic, better relationships…and more confidence in general…I’m a much more happier and content personI recommend everyone do Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges regardless of where you are in life.

Errol James Hiha, Brisbane, Australia


 I can’t thank you enough. After my divorce I lost all my confidence and self esteem and became  depressed and reclusive. I’ve tried ‘traditional’ 1-1 coaching which has helped, but like you pointed out the quickest and most effective way to overcome fear, self doubt and limiting beliefs is by  intentionally putting yourself in embarrassing and awkward situations…over and over.   In a matter of six weeks I went from being lost and afraid to extremely confident. I have stopped caring what people think and no longer let fear hold me back. I am now living a life of endless opportunity!

Kristy O. – Melbourne, Australia





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