Cometh The Hour Cometh The Man Challenges


Cometh the hour cometh the man is a series of challenges we are running on the blog throughout the month of June. Becoming a better man is the idea of the challenges.  If you believe you’re already the best version of your best self then theses challenges aren’t for you, so go back to watching David Wygant videos.

No hard feelings, man…

If you’re like me, and most guys I know, becoming a better man – the best version of my best self- is something I strive for daily.  I am constantly challenging myself, whether it’s  building my coaching business (fine-tuning my existing skills and learning new things), telling the truth at all times, or making sure I drink more water throughout the day.

It’s not easy. Most days it’s one step forward, two steps back. But anything worthwhile is worth fighting for. Besides masculine energy grows through challenge and overcoming barriers to succeed.  More on this axiom next time.

Today I want to get straight into the challenges.


For The Single Guys: 

Your challenge this week (if you choose to accept it):

  • Stop watching/masturbating over porn for a week
  • Find a ‘healthy’ alternative e.g start a journal, workout, warrior yoga, meditation, etc)
  • Start challenging or become a challenge for women (if you’re unsure about what I mean read this post)
  • Ask that cute girl you’ve got your eye on to join you for a drink


For Guys In A Relationship

Your challenge this week (if you choose to accept it):

  • Tell your partner ‘no’ e.g she asks you to go shopping with her but you don’t want to (but end up doing so because you don’t want to upset her)
  • Stop trying to fix her problems or trying to make her happy
  • Stop listening to her gripe e.g ‘whinging about how Mary at work is such a bitch’ and suggest she talk to one of her girlfriends about it instead
  • Ask for sex when you want it rather than throwing out subtle hints
  • Call her out on her bad behavior or unreasonable requests


Let me know how you go in the comments below.


As always, thanks for reading


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