I Came On Too Strong With A Quality Woman: Here’s What I Learned

This is part two of I Came On Too Strong With A Quality Woman.  You can read part one here

I waited two days before I texted ‘N’.

Ideally you should wait three to four days before texting a woman you just met, especially a high quality woman.


Imagine you are a high quality woman.

You can have any man you desire.

Men are hitting on you everywhere you go.

When you go to a bar or club men are asking you for a dance, if they can buy you a drink, and trying to get your number.

You give it out because you are either interested or because you just want to get to rid of them without the hassle.

Some girls will become bitchy and tell the guys to fuck off or something just as mean.


The guys you gave your number to are blowing up your phone the very next day asking you out.

When you don’t reply they become needy and weak  and start acting like women by saying things like “aren’t I good enough for you?” or “just because you’re pretty doesn’t give you the right to ignore me.”

I have to declare ‘N’ went cold on me.

She didn’t return my funny text.

I sent her a picture of a cat with a piece of bread stuck on its head and wrote: “Is it just me or do Monday’s make you feel like this too?”

I didn’t freak out and start blowing up her phone.

I know my value and worth when it comes to women and I certainly know I am good enough for a high quality woman.

I also know now that women are like cats they will come and go as they please.

If you try to force things it will repel her and end up in her resenting you.

You will have blown any chance you may have had.

So I waited a week and this time I called her.

It went to her mailbox.

I left a short but strong message that communicated “hey, I’m giving you the opportunity to have a great guy in your life, call me if your interested.”

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome…

Yeah, right.  I’m not the type of guy who sits around waiting for women to call.  High quality women are everywhere and many of them can’t wait to get with a guy like me.



Take Away

Sometimes a woman will grab your hand because she sees you as a friend.

I learned this with a girl I met last October who I’ll call ‘S’.

She was interested in me romantically to begin with but I blew it by coming on too strong too soon.

I declared my interest straight away.

Women like a man who is a challenge, the bad boy.

She wants to be in a position where she’s wondering about you and thinking “I want him.”

Women want what they can’t have more than men.

They want to chase and get excited about it.

It is scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

Later that night when ‘S’ grabbed my hand I thought “I’m in!”

But back then what I had learned hadn’t sunk in and I didn’t go for the kiss or get her number.

And I was talking and interacting with her like a friend rather than her lover and so she treated me as such.

Always act like her lover otherwise you’ll get friend zoned.

When I did ask for her number at the end of the night she looked annoyed.

I pulled out my phone and it was dead.

If her attraction levels weren’t likewise beforehand they certainly were now.

I continued being weak and needy and said I’d hit you up on Meetup.

She agreed and as I was leaving I went in for the kiss – she gave me her cheek.

Guys, if you go in for the kiss and the girl gives you her cheek do not try to contact her… ever.

This means her attraction level is very low and she sees you as just a friend.

If you want to be just friends by all means contact her.

I tried hitting ‘S’ up on Meetup only to learn she had blocked me!

This is how quickly things can blow apart when you don’t understand women and female attraction.

Most of the time when a woman grabs your hand she is interested in you, especially if you have been touching. flirting, bantering etc. beforehand.

Don’t go for the number straight away.

With the beautiful girl I was dating just before and after Christmas last year we had been dancing sexy all night.

When we went out for a smoke she grabbed my hand.

I let it go before we got outside then I grabbed her hand as if to say “I’m the man, I’m the one who leads.”

We talked, danced, talked and danced some more before I got her number.

By this stage her attraction levels had increased from a 6 or 7 to an 8.

More importantly her comfort levels had skyrocketed.

Women need to feel comfortable and safe with a man before they will go out with him.

At the end of the night I went for the kiss but she walked away.

I  remained in my centre and said see you later.

As her  taxi pulled up she walked over to me and gave me a peck on the lips.

It was at this point that I knew she was chasing me.

This was later confirmed when she texted me first.

Our dates were awesome and we both had enjoyed them very much.

Find out why it dissolved and what I learned from it here.

With ‘N’ I did everything right other than ask for her number too soon.

Even though her attraction levels were high, I hadn’t built the same level of comfort and safety.

A high quality woman will always flake on you if you don’t make them feel comfortable and safe regardless of how interested in you they are.

Then again, never forget that women are emotional beings – what they feel one moment they may not feel the next for any number of reasons – don’t take it personally and don’t try to rationalise it.

You’ll only drive yourself mad.

See every interaction you have with a woman, whether good or bad, as an opportunity to grow, learn and become better.

Edit: I’ve given some more thought to why ‘N’ might have flaked – she didn’t see me as a challenge. I made myself too available, too easy.  She ‘stole’ me off the horrible dancer with little resistance and all she had to do for me to ask her for her number was hold my hand as we walked outside for a cigarette.

She may have been thinking “this guy is too easy. If I can woo him away from an attractive woman without really trying who’s to say another woman couldn’t woo him away from me just as easily?”

Again this is only speculation because I’ll never know the real reason, but to me it seems plausible – keep this in kind next time guys.  Also, rather than going for the number straight away I must remember to be playful instead. Next time I will say something like  “just because we held hands doesn’t mean we’re sleeping together tonight.”

As always, thanks for reading.