Why Date Nights Are Killing Your Relationship

Date nights are crucial for the health and vitality of your relationship.

The following post is about how to have successful date nights that add life and spark to your relationship, not kill it.

Are Date Nights Killing Your Relationship

I’ve seen a lot of postings on social media lately where couples in long-term committed relationships are sharing their ‘date night’ experiences.

And I’m writing this to tell you I’m so jealous…

Seriously, though, I think this is fantastic…well done guys!
But if you’re doing the following you’re killing your relationship…without even knowing it.

Where I see a lot of guys ‘stuff’ up with date nights is they:

1. Schedule the ‘date night’ and go to the same place every week.


2. Have a discussion  with their partner on what they would like to do and where they would like to go.

If this is you stop it immediately!


Ever wondered why your wife or girlfriend snaps at you for no apparent reason?

Or get confused how she goes from happy to sad in an instant?

Or places unreasonable demands or expectations on you?

If you’re making the two mistakes above that’s why.

Now, this isn’t the only reasons for her sudden outbursts, etc. but they play a big role.

You see when women have to make decisions on where you’re going or what you’re going to do on ‘date night’ you are forcing her to draw on her masculine energy.

When this happens she becomes cold, bitter…and bitchy.  And trust me, it’s always when you least expect it.

She will test you. She might not be fully conscious of why she is doing it, but she will poke your weak spots…in order to feel your strength – David Deida, The Way Of The Superior Man. (non-affiliate link)

Women are designed to receive men in every way – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Women don’t want control.

She wants you to take the lead and set the date night.

As Corey Wayne makes clear on his blog, Understanding Relationships

Women can’t stand men who are indecisive or have a hard time making a decision. Never ask a woman what she wants to do on a date. If you do, 99.999% of all women will simply respond back with, “what do you want to do?” Women want to be with men who know what to do.

I’ve experienced this in past relationships.

Before I became better with women I would ask my partners what they would like to do or where would they like to go.

Sure, they would come up with ideas and we would enjoy our date nights, but then, out of the blue, she would launch a full-blooded assault on me.

I had no idea what was happening and no idea how to handle it.

And sex became less or less interesting.

I killed my relationships without even knowing it.

I don’t want you to do the same.

I want you to have the relationship you deserve – blissful, fun, enjoyable, loving, nurturing, with sex galore…the wildest, craziest sex you’ve ever had.

So this is what you’re going to do:

Change your date night from every Wednesday down at the local bar with two beers and a bite to eat to a Tuesday movie night.

Or a Thursday night drive or walk along the beach or whatever you can think of.

Just change it – women love spontaneity and they really, really love surprises and being surprised.

Stop asking her what she would like to do or where she would like to go.

Be a man, take the lead and make the decision.

Then say to her, “Honey, put your shoes on…we’re going out.  Last one to the car is a rotten egg!”

You’re being playful, fun and taking control.

If by chance she throws a test at you such as, “I’m not going anywhere until you tell me where we are going,” you’re  going to pick her up, twirl her around and say “It’s a surprise…I’ve taken care of everything.”

You’ve passed her test.

She can trust your masculine core and remain in her feminine.

She won’t care what you do or where you’re going.

Remember feminine energy is about spontaneity, dancing, loving, playing, singing, bonding, connecting and having fun.

Your job as a superior man is keeping her that way.

It’s hard work at first but it gets easier the more you work on it and yourself.

The reward: you score every time, sex or otherwise.


As always, thanks for reading.









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