How To Date Young Women In Your 30s, 40s And 50s


If you’re in 30s, 40s and 50s I’ve got good news for you.  Young women want to date you.

Before we get into this post let’s have a look at some, not all, of the pros and cons of dating young women and some of the barriers you’re likely to face.


She is in her sexual and physical prime – the sex is the best you will ever have and she’s more open to threesomes/sexual experimentation.

She’ll never look that hot again. Women age worse than men – a men’s sexual status typically increases with age; a women’s typically declines…rapidly.

She is more in her feminine than she’ll ever be

She’ll add years to your life through her radiance, beauty, energy and playful nature.


She is likely to have many displays of immaturity and tearful outbursts

She is likely to want to party, party, party

She’ll is likely to live in your back pocket and/or bother you constantly via txt messaging

She’ll nag, whinge and test you constantly and her thinking is erratic and potentially hazardous


Of course the disadvantages are all advantages if you understand and are successful with women and are well versed in the mechanics of  female psychology and feminine essence.


They Don’t Want Her To Date You

Many guys, myself included once, believe young women, especially nowadays, only date men their own age. It’s simply not true – every young woman wants to date a mature man.

Things is  society, the media, Hollywood, MTV, her friends and peers, her family, and even her environment tell her it’s wrong or not acceptable to date men 10, 15, 20 years older than her.

As a result she goes against what she wants and dates guys her own age or slightly older than her.

Her relationship dissolves or she is miserable because this isn’t what she wants and because the guy she’s dating doesn’t understand women and relationships. Remember 97% of men don’t have a fucking clue when it comes to women and how to interact with women.

Despite this you can date young women  -masculine, mature men are doing it as we speak.

The following steps are full-proof. They’ve worked and continue to work for me. Follow them to the letter and you will experience incredible sex and relationships with beautiful, young women.

How To Date Young Women In Your 30s, 40s And 50s

“I am delusionally in love with myself…I’ll walk in with Brad Pitt… and I will fuck his girlfriend that night…it starts with will…the will of a giant.” – Gene Simmons

Before you can date young women you need to believe you can date them. You need to have the will of a giant. You need to know on a deep level how fucking awesome you are and that it is your birth right to date beautiful, young women and have incredible relationships with them.


She Wants To date You Because She Wants A Masculine, Mature Man.

And a man who is established and experienced, both sexually and in life.  A man that understands women and relationships and can provide her with the best offspring.

If you play the fool or try to be cool to match her youthful culture you’re done.  She wants a funny and fun to be around guy, not an immature try hard.  If you act this way she’ll see as a dirty old man. If you’re lucky she might friend zone you. I’ve seen so many guys fuck up opportunities to date/fuck hot, young women because they thought acting like a twenty year old boy would clinch the deal.

Picture this

You’re at a club, or social gathering, and a group of beautiful young women put themselves in your orbit. One keeps bumping into you. You say to her something witty and clever like, I don’t know, “Hey, can you do me a favor…bump into the other side…it feels left out.”  Her interest levels escalate and she gestures you to give her a high-five.

Do you:

A. Give her a high-five and start dancing with her?

B. Turn your back to her to show her how immature she is.

C. Give her a high-five and say ‘Is that all you’ve got? Come on, you can do better than that,’ as you gesture her to give you a kiss on the cheek.  Then  when she’s done that you say ‘Not bad…but I think those lips are wasted on my cheek.’ She replies with ‘Is that right?’ You look at her eyes then her lips and move back up to her eyes and say ‘Well, here’s the thing. You’re sexy as fuck and we’re both attracted to each other.  Let’s find out if it’s worth pursuing,’ as you move in for the kiss on the lips.

If you chose A or B go and have a cold shower or watch David Wygant videos…just kidding. Wygant has some pretty good tips on his You Tube channel.

You chose C because you understand women and feminine energy. This is how you’re playful as a masculine mature man.  You’re exciting, confident, bold,  a lit bit dangerous, and not afraid to express your masculinity and sexual desire and definitely unapologetic for being a man and wanting her.

She’ll reject her friends for the night and move forward with you, if you know what I mean. Chances are good you’ll even have a threesome with her.

Of course outside of ‘the club,’ such as a party or concert,  you tone it down, but you still need to be sexual and risque, otherwise she’ll see you as worse than another friend zone target -she’ll see a creepy old man trying to hit on her.


Do not dress like your 25 again.  This is another area where I see guys stuff up with young women- they’ve got her to the stage where she says ‘fuck you’ establishment! I want to be with him because he understands me and makes me feel womanly only to blow it by dressing ‘young.’

You’re a high value, masculine mature man. This is what she wants and is why she risked friendships, being judged, etc, so for fucks sake dress accordingly.

The above advice I’ve given today is a good starting point. You can use it straight away to start having sex with young women that you meet in the club or at a party, etc .

But if you want or desire more than that you need to unlock the one thing that is holding you back – fear. Fear of approaching her, fear of being rejected, fear that you’re somehow not good enough…

“In-action leads to fear and self-doubt. Action creates confidence and courage.” – Dale Carnegie.

Your Next Three Action Steps

1. Watch this video repeatedly and ingrain it into you psyche.

2. Re-read this blog post.

3. Get on the waiting list for our upcoming Men’s Shed community forum. This is a place for guys to continually develop themselves as high value men, and connect with other like minded men. Click here to learn more


As always, thanks for reading.


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