Do You Deload From Your Life And Goals? Here’s Why You Should



If you’re a gym junkie like me you will know the benefits of deoading.

When I became serious about lifting weights and building muscle back in 2014 I found out the hard way about the necessity of having a deload week.

I became fatigued and lethargic.

My muscles and joints groaned and moaned

…and nagged day and night far worse than any woman ever has!

I found it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

As a consequence I became ill due to a weakened immune system.

The idea of a deload or deload week among the ‘the active wear’ and ‘buff’ community alike is divided.

Some say it is bullshit and some, like me, swear by it.

I now schedule a ‘deload’ every 8 weeks because it works for me.

I feel awesome from the rest, my muscles recover and grow and I’m eager to get back into the gym and ‘pump iron.’

“Living the life you deserve and being your best version day in day out takes its toll.”

I have applied this strategy to my life and goals just recently and I’m seeing massive improvements.

Like working out constantly I was becoming fatigued and lethargic from living a rich, full and meaningful life and working towards want I want to achieve now and in the future.

How does one become fatigued and lethargic from living a rich, full and meaningful life I hear you ask.

Sounds crazy I know.

But if you’re living a life you deserve and being your best version day in day out you will know it takes its toll.

Ditto working towards your goals.

I’m doing what I love now and have boundless energy but studying four days a week, serving others by writing value rich blog posts that improves their lives in some way three days a week, researching and recording videos, researching ways to improve my online presence, connecting with like-minded blogs and people both online and offline and managing social media campaigns is exhausting.

I know from past experience that if I continue while in this state I will become frustrated, disinterested and maybe even give up, even though this time around I won’t because  I’m streets ahead of the game.

As human beings, though, we can only go so long before we become worn out and dis-engaged.

As I’m in a better place now then I have ever been I accept this and am grateful for the warning signs my body gives me.

I now listen to those warning signs and act upon them accordingly, hence the scheduled de-load from my life and pursuing my goals.

So how do I deload from my life and goals?

Unlike the gym, I don’t take a week off or go easy.  All I do is have one full day off during the week, generally Wednesday, and only work a few hours on the weekend if I feel like it, whereas before I was pushing myself.

On my day off through the week I don’t pick up a text-book or work on my assignments.

I still use social media and read blogs in my niche and elsewhere but I refrain from researching, connecting, editing…doing.

I use this time to hang out with my daughter, do comfort zone crusher challenges, play GTA V and collect clichés.

I will take a break from drinking green juice, reading self-improvement books, monitoring and reviewing my goals, going out, attending workshops and just veg on the couch, eating chocolate without giving a crap.

This is deloading at its finest ladies and gentlemen – it stimulates and builds my emotional, spiritual and mental muscle.

I am recharged and raring to go and get back into life and pursuing my goals with gusto.

I work my ass off studying, writing blog posts that serve others, connecting with like-minded, successful bloggers and personal development gurus and building my online presence and social media campaign.

And the results I get are always fucking awesome!


As always, thanks for reading.

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