Epic Match Up: Dan Bacon Vs Matt Cross


Bacon. Dan Bacon. Cross. Matt Cross. An  ‘Epic Match Up’ of gigantic proportions. Even more  gigantic than our last ‘Epic Match Up’ between Dr. No Aziz Gazipura and Coach I’ve Never Scored In My Life Corey Wayne.

Let the games begin!



Dan Bacon and Matt Cross have been in the ‘game’ for more than ten years.  Both players are bloggers, public speakers, dating and confidence coaches, and entrepreneurs.  They both reckon they can help you pick up hot strippers…

Bacon is the author of The Flow, a very popular and somewhat useful E-book you can buy on his blog.   Cross to date hasn’t authored any book. If he has it is the best kept secret on the internet because I couldn’t find anything, anywhere.  Indeed, I couldn’t find much on Matt Cross the man, even on his website.  You can find out more about Dan Bacon here.

Bacon and Cross are both authors of popular You Tube channels.  I have chosen them, because, like Gazipura and Wayne, they have both helped me pick up hot chicks in the club.  And that’s all these two are good for – coaching men on how to get ‘laid’ and attracting women using PUA (pick up artists) tactics and techniques.

The Rules

The Epic Match Up only has one rule – to fuck shit up! Bacon and Cross are content creators on You Tube.  Let’s break it down and see who’s the better man.

Both fuckers are rated out of 10 in the following categories:

  • Quality of videos
  • Quality and quantity of content
  • Ability to engage audience through humor, story telling, body language, personality
  • Popularity

Dan Bacon – You Tube Channel: The Modern Man

dan bacon

Quality Of Videos

Bacon’s videos are top notch and very professional.

Rating: 9/10


Quality And Quantity Of Content

If you’re just looking to get laid and nothing else then Bacon will help you.  His videos have lots of useful information on how to trick women into sleeping with you.  On the flip side they are also filled with valuable content on how to be a confident , self-assured, high value man. It’s a contradiction just like the man himself.

At times Bacon and eggs videos repeat the same message over and over, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing – sometimes we need to hear things over and over for them to sink in.

Rating: 8/10

Ability To Engage Through Humor, etc.

I find Bacon flawed in all of these areas.   And his new look – receding hairline and big bushy biker beard is dumb…just saying.

Rating: 3/10


As at 2/10/16 Bacon has 11,781 subscribers.  He averages 75-100 new subscribers a month. His most popular video to date The Kiss Test: 7 Signs That A Woman Wants You To Kiss Her  has been viewed 206, 853 times and  received 63 comments since being published in 2014.  His last 10 videos average 1,100 views and 3.5 comments.

Rating: 6.5/10

Overall Score: 26.5/40

Matt Cross – You Tube Channel: Alpha Male Secrets



Quality Of Videos

They’re better than average.

Rating: 6.5/10

Quality And Quantity Of Content

The quality of the content is very good.  Cross highlights very well the advantages of being an alpha male and the disadvantages of being a beta male throughout his video series.  He clearly explains the importance of owning your masculinity and sexuality as a man and why this attracts high quality women. Like Bacon many of his videos have an emphasis of teaching guys how to pick up women in clubs and bars, etc.  However, many of videos also teach men how to be confident, self-assured, focused and driven. Like Bacon, most of the videos are repetitive and drawn out.

Rating: 8/10

Ability To Engage Through Humor, etc.

Cross has a dry sense of humor which works well.  His story telling needs work. His body language is strong and plausible.  I’m not too sure if he has a personality or not.  He uses his hands a lot when he talks.

Rating: 7/10


As at 2/10/16 Cross has 14,041 subscribers.  He gets a 100-150 new subscribers a month on average. His most popular video to date How To Walk Like An Alpha Male has 149, 455 views (comments disabled) since being published in 2014.  His last 10 videos average 3,200 views and 25 comments.

Rating: 7.5/10

Overall Score:  29/40

Winner: Matt Cross.

Final Thoughts

Cross destroyed Bacon in this epic match up, but numbers aside, both are evenly matched.  If you apply what they teach you will definitely get laid and become a somewhat better version of yourself.  If you want more than that my advice is to look elsewhere.

Follow both men with caution.

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