That Evil May Walk In Fear: Why Every Man Should Learn Krav Maga


Krav Maga is the official fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that has become increasingly popular with law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. The name alone has a certain ring to it that says—tread lightly.


The ability to effectively defend yourself and your family make Krav Maga appealing to any man.  When you think of the benefits of men training in Krav Maga, you will immediately think of self-defense, and rightfully so.  However, this martial art provides far more benefits than you may realize.  James Kearns explains.



The Origins Of Krav

Krav Maga began in the 1930s when a young Ime Lichtenfeld began fighting fascists in the streets of Bratislava, Hungary.  After being forced from his homeland, he would find his way to Israel and begin teaching soldiers self-defense techniques.


Ime developed his fighting techniques over a 20 year period of relentless hand-to-hand combat throughout the Middle East.  Over this period he would refine his fighting system and after his retirement, Ime would begin adapting Krav Maga to be used for everyday situations.



Physical Benefits

Krav Maga has made a significant mark on men’s fitness.  One of the most obvious byproducts of training is the physical benefits you will receive.  After training for an hour you will realize how physically demanding throwing strikes, knees, elbows, and kicks can be.   


To be the most effective practitioner that you can be will require you to push the pace during training.  The last thing you want is to lose the fight because you became too exhausted.


Social Benefits

Training at a Krav Maga school is far from a meet-and-greet at the country club, but it is definitely a place where men socialize.  It is a great place for like-minded men, with different backgrounds, to get acquainted and socialize with each other.


Oftentimes these social interactions become mutually beneficial business opportunities as well.  If you need a landscaper, contractor, or personal trainer, there’s a good chance that you train with one.


Mental Benefits

Staying focused under pressure, remaining disciplined to your training, and always thinking of the next move takes mental toughness.  Unfortunately, the average man does not possess mental toughness, but it can be learned, and Krav Maga demands it.


Focusing on the task-at-hand is important for any job, but when the task is defending you or a loved one, it becomes even more important.  The mental focus and toughness that can be developed through Krav Maga can significantly affect all aspects of your life.


Spiritual Benefits

While Krav Maga may not be as ceremonial as other martial arts, there is definitely a spiritual connection that most men will experience.  The art will require you to control your emotions during an altercation.  When presented with a combative situation, a longtime practitioner will find peace and clarity in the situation.  He won’t be concerned with the attack—just his focus.

In Summary

Krav Maga is without doubt an elite, highly effective, self-defense martial art.  Becoming a practitioner boosts testosterone, sharpens your physical and mental fitness, builds confidence and self-esteem, and has many social and spiritual benefits  that extend outside of the academy.

So what are you waiting for: find your nearest Krav Maga school and take that free class today!




kravJames Kearns is a freelance writer, martial artist and fitness fanatic.  He got his break writing for Breaking Muscle in 2014 and is regularly featured in leading fitness magazines, blogs and journals.  

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