Five Lower Back Exercises Every Man Should Know

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According to recent studies lower back pain (also called lumbago) effects ten percent of the world’s population.  And it’s not just the physical pain we endure either – lower back pain can cripple us mentally and financially as well. Think extended time off work, loss of income, build up of debt, relationship breakdowns and so on.  In the most severe cases, we can spend months on end in a wheelchair, or even become disabled.

No thanks.

The research from those articles I’ve linked to above suggest more women suffer from lower back pain than men.  However, I believe the data presented there (and elsewhere) don’t tell the full story and that men, in general, due to being engaged in more physically demanding occupations (labouring/trades/military, etc.) and pastimes (contact sports/martial arts/boxing etc. ) suffer more from lower back pain than women.

Regardless, this post isn’t about facts and figures, or who’s right or wrong – it’s about illustrating lower back exercises that every man should know so they become better men. In this instance becoming a better man means building on your existing knowledge base and improving your general health and well being.

Below are examples of five Lumbago exercises every man should know and practicel


Exercise 1: Hamstring Floor Stretch


Exercise 2: Knee To Chest Stretch


Exercise 3: Piriformas Stretch


Exercise 4: Hip Flexors Stretch


Exercise 5: Quadratus Lumborum Stretch


I suffered from mild to severe lower back pain on and off for years.  Anti-inflammatory medication (both ‘pharm’ and farm) and regular massages helped, but the pain would inevitably return…that is until I found the above five exercises. I’ve been doing these exercises everyday for some time now and my lower back pain is all but a distant memory.

I strongly encourage you to try these exercises for yourself either as a preventative measure or cure for your lower back pain.  Remember, like anything you want to succeed in you can’t just do these a few times and expect ‘miracles.’  You need to practice them daily on an ongoing basis.


As always, thanks for reading.

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