What’s A Social Skills Resume And Why Do You Need One?


Having a social skills resume is critical if you want to become a social skills black belt, or fine tune your existing skills.

In week 2 of the Social Skills Masterclass we look at the social skills resume and why you need one. We then end with the theme: how having prepared answers to common questions sets you up for success.



         Highlight your skills

Just like the employment resume the social skills resume highlights your strengths, skills, experiences, and know how.  And like the employment resume your social skills resume is important for four main reasons:

  • You identify your current skills, accomplishments, and where you need improvement
  • Create a good first impression (in this instance the other party)
  • You can keep track of and measure your progress
  • You become a social skills black belt and conversation badass


Note: I designed my social skills resume similar to my employment resume. Don’t fuss about how it looks; the key is taking action and getting started. You can always fine tune as you go.

One of my coaching client’s was kind enough to share the following example


Social Skills Resume


Training Courses Completed:

  • Took part in Michael’s awesome Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges – a  confidence building course that improved my existing social skills through challenges such as wearing an outrageous wig in public and starting conversations with strangers, and wearing a mask in public and saying hi to people walking by



  • I can talk one on one with most people easily
  • I can speak up in small groups without being anxious
  • I can go out by myself and say hi, or start small talk with strangers



  • I can start and keep a conversation going with people I don’t know most of the time
  • I am relaxed around friends and family and can tell funny jokes


Further Training

  • Currently taking part in the Social Skills Masterclass
  • 2015-16 Completed two social skills course online with X
  • Member of Toastmasters (public speaking and leadership)


Areas of improvement:

  • Starting conversations with women I like
  • Keeping conversations flowing
  • How to turn everyday questions like ‘how was your weekend’ into something more exciting
  • Learning active listening techniques


Like your employment resume update and fine tune it as you gain new skills and learn new techniques

Why having prepared answers to common questions is so important

Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance – Anon.

It’s a fact of life that being prepared and having a plan more than doubles your chances of succeeding in your chosen field. Building on your existing social skills or becoming a conversation badass is no different. Your success hinges on having a plan and being prepared.

Homework – Copy the questions below and write your answers to each one.  Make your responses engaging and lively, without going over the top.

The Greeting

  • How’s it going/are you/have you been?
  • How’s your day going/been?
  • What are you up to/have been up to?


Work related

  • How’s work?
  • How long have you been here?
  • What were you doing before this?
  • What do you do?


Current events

Find one interesting thing that happened recently and talk about it, then ask the other person what their thoughts are on the topic?



  • What do you for fun?
  • What’s on for the weekend/How was your weekend?
  • What excites you/what are you passionate about?
  • What are you working on?
  • Do you live around here?
  • Where are you from?
  • What team do you follow?



  • What are your 5 most unique experiences?
  • What are your 5 most personally significant accomplishments?
  • What are 10 strengths – things you are above average at, no matter how big or small.
  • Name 10 places you have traveled in the past 5 years.
  • Name the past 5 times you have gone out to a social event.
  • Name 10 things you cannot live without – don’t take this question too literally.*
* Thanks to motivationgrid.com for the this example.


In week three of the Social Skills Masterclass we look at how to seduce quality women like James Bond.

Review or get started with week one here


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.



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