How To Get Beautiful Women To Approach You And Buy You Drinks



Every time I go to a bar, club or party beautiful women approach me and buy me drinks.  At the very least they put themselves in my orbit and try to get my attention by deliberately bumping into me or doing stretches or yoga poses in front on me.

How do you do it, man? How do you get beautiful women to approach you and buy you drinks?

Easy, man!

And guess what? It’s so easy, even you can do it!

In this post I detail exactly how.

Impeccable Grooming And Hygiene

You’ll never get beautiful women to approach you and buy you drinks if you don’t have impeccable grooming and hygiene.   This means you shower twice a day; floss and brush your teeth twice a day (minimum); shampoo and condition your hair at least three times a week; have a haircut that matches your face shape; your fingernails are clipped and clean and your nasal hairs and eyebrows are trimmed.  You wear deodorant or an anti-bacterial roll-on if you’re a heavy sweater and a quality, masculine cologne.  Remember, women can spot a man who doesn’t take care of himself a mile away, so follow this grooming and hygiene routine to the letter.


Good Fashion Sense

“Girls go crazy for a sharp dressed man.” ZZ Top

Being a sharp dressed man doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands on designer threads.  It simply means your clothes match and fit and reflect your high value status and masculinity.  I’m not a fashion guru so I’m not going to give you any fashion tips. What I am going to do, however, is give you two links to fashion experts so you can sort this area out and start dressing like a sharp dressed man.

20 Must Follow Rules For Men Who Want To Dress Well

How To Dress Yourself To Look Good And Attract Women

Inner Confidence

You must have inner confidence before you can even think of getting beautiful women to approach you and buy you drinks.  You need to be the type of guy who seeks internal rather than external validation.  The type of guy who doesn’t give a fuck what people think, lives life on his terms and does what he wants, when he wants. You have an abundance mindset and know beautiful women are a dime a dozen. You’re non needy, non approval seeking, and know beautiful women are dying to meet you; that you can have any beautiful woman you want.

 If this isn’t you start working on yourself today. You’ll find everything you need to build your inner confidence here so make the time to explore the blog.  My post How To Be A High Value Man is a good starting point.

Tip: Women are attracted to confident guys who are sure of themselves = you go after what you want without fear of failure or rejection.

Body Language

This is just as import as inner confidence. Actually, the two go hand in hand.  Beautiful women can spot a guy with ‘fake’ confidence a mile away.  So don’t even bother faking it until make it.  Having inner confidence means you’re congruent, so when you walk into the club, bar or party your body language is natural, not forced.  You walk with your head held high, shoulders back, chest out, because this is who you are, not who you think you are.  Your vibe and energy is magnetic and infectious. You walk around like you own the joint, smile and gesture ‘cheers’ to everyone.  Women will notice you and start checking you out.  You easily and effortlessly hold eye contact with them and maintain contact until they look away first.  Soon beautiful women will approach you and use dumb openers like “are you a bouncer here?” or “Is your name John?” Or they will put themselves in your orbit and start bumping into you repeatedly or begin doing yoga poses/stretches in front of you.

And that’s it. This is all you need to do to get beautiful women to approach you.  Of course, for her to buy you drinks you have to know what to say, how to handle her tests, and keep the conversation lively, engaging and sexual.   But you know how to do that, right?  Not sure?  That’s OK. We’re opening The Men’s Shed soon. Click here to get on the waiting list

As always, thanks for reading.