In Memoriam: Inappropriate Practice AKA The Grid Girl


The grid girl is dead. Long live ‘inappropriate practice.’  That’s how the Formula One sees them anyway.  You might as well just call them filthy whores and get it over and done with.

The F1 corporation has become the latest high profile entity to bow down to feminism by killing off the grid girl.  Starting with the Melbourne Grand Prix you will no longer see the iconic symbol gracing the tarmac.

“The practice of employing grid girls has gone out of fashion and is clearly at odds with modern day values,” F1 spokesman Sean Bratches announced to the media.


Ask any normal male, and female for that matter, and they’ll tell you nice tits, hot asses, and pretty faces never go out of fashion.  The ‘modern day values’ Bratches refers to are those of the feminazi, of course, not every day society.  Every day society wouldn’t strip women of something they want to do and take away their livelihood simply because they provided some ‘eye candy’ for men.

Who knows what goes through feminists minds, but one could only assume they think they’re doing women a favor or defending women. But as one time Miss England finalist  Georgia Davies pointed out so beautifully in UK Mirror “[feminists] you’re not defending women. You’re actually defending women who are threatened by other women who are in a career that you know absolutely nothing about, other than what you see on the exterior…”

As I write this I’m wondering who’s next? MotoGP? Boxing? Strippers? Cheerleaders? Sex workers? It seems just a matter of time before they’re all gone.

Darts was the first to go. They got rid of the ‘walk-on girls’ earlier this month despite over 7000 people demanding the professional darts corporation (PDS) reinstate them.

According to Eddie Hearn boxing won’t be removing the ‘card girl’ anytime soon. “The ring card girls have been a part of boxing history for many, many years…From a boxing point of view, we want to keep the traditions of the sport going and in my opinion it has nothing to do with sexism or feminism.”

Thank God for that. I remember as a kid watching F1 and boxing with my dad. We didn’t watch it because of the girls, but they added that something extra.  Whenever I did get carried away looking at the girls my dad pulled me aside and taught me the difference between being sleazy and appreciating a woman’s beauty and feminine grace like a man.


5 O’clock Shadow

I’m going to be brutally honest. Most women today turn me off.  They’re overweight and slovenly, have more masculine traits than feminine ones, parade around in bright blue hair, shaved heads, and have five o’clock shadows.

I once shared a house with a bull-dyke who had short back and sides, wore men’s clothes and deoderant, and get this…men’s underwear.

She made me sick every time I looked at her.

We’re not there yet, but in this #metoo and #timesup era many men are steering away from talking to the few remaining feminine women left in fear of being accused of sexual harassment.  This is what feminism wants of course – to do away with men altogether and create a female only world.  Killing off the grid girls is another step towards them reaching that goal.

I’m not sure how we’re going to stop it, but third wave feminism has to be eliminated haste post haste.

Anyway, I don’t want to turn this into a full blown diatribe or political piece – I’d rather make it a celebration of the grid girl and how it has changed the lives of women everywhere.

Launching Platform

Since the 1960s the grid girl has launched the careers of several modelling and acting careers.  Notable mentions include Georgia Davies, Kelly Brook, Katie Price, Olivia Attwood, and Izzy Beaumont.

Love Island’s Olivia Atwood had a three-year career as a pit girl before shooting to fame on the hit reality show


Grid Girl Trivia

The very first grid girl was Japanese model and singer Rosa Ogwa. Her success in the role kick started the concept and paved the way for generations of up and coming models the world over.

Japanese model and singer Rosa Ogawa, now 71, is cited as the first ever grid girl, appearing at races back in the 1960s to promote various brands 

Through The Years

The grid girl has added much flavor, glitz and glamour to the F1 through the years.  Here’s a look at some that history

Image result for hottest grid girl photos
Cheeky! Grid girls hamming it up circa 2014
STP pit babes in front of the March-Ford truck during the 1971 season, wearing tight-fitting lycra playsuits and red PVC boots 
Looking fine ladies! Grid girls circa 1971
Jordan drivers Damon Hill and Ralf Schumacher (right) relax with models Jordan (left) and Melinda Messenger at Silverstone in 1998 
In Top Gear…The girls chilling with F1 legends Hill and Shumacher circa 1998


Your Thoughts

Is the grid girl ‘inappropriate’ or ‘at odds with modern day social norms?’


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