How To Be A High Value Man

high value man

Make no mistake: being a high value man isn’t easy.

It’s hard work and requires continuous investment in yourself.

But if you’re prepared to put in the hard work and become a man of high value the rewards are many.

As a high value man you will:

  • Attract high value women in droves and have incredible relationships;
  • 10 x your existing relationship;
  • Have interesting, exciting and meaningful friendships with other high value men;
  • Get the things you want and deserve in life;
  • Live a life that is rich, abundant and with purpose;
  • Grow a penis so big you’ll need both hands to hold it when you take a piss (don’t quote me on that).


Below are the top ten behavioral traits of a high value man and links for suggested further reading.


Here’s the list in Big, Bold Font for those who have been masturbating all night over at Pornhub

  1. Follow your own path: A high value man ignores the socially conditioned masses and trusts his instincts. He does what feels right and not what society expects him to do. He goes after what he wants without fear of rejection or failure.  If he does fail he sees this as feedback and learns from it. “Yesterday’s history; tomorrow’s a mystery.”

  2. Give your gift: A high value man gives value and expects nothing in return.  He sees mundane home duties as giving his gift, not as doing chores.

  3. Push your boundaries: A high value man steps outside of his comfort zone at every opportunity. He avoids routine and complacency and challenges himself.  This keeps him awake in life and keeps him energized.

  4. Invest in yourself: A high value man is always learning and fine tuning his craft. He is an avid reader and writer. He knows educating himself and becoming his best version in all areas of life is the best investment he can make.  A high value man wears clothes that match and fit, has impeccable grooming, and enjoys a balanced lifestyle.

  5. Avoid drama: A high value man avoids drama. He knows his life and time is better spent with people who support and nurture him and who are making the world a better place. A high value man never belittles or looks down on anyone. He knows everyone has the capacity to make a difference in life and will find ways to bring the best out in people.  If they don’t reciprocate he moves on with knowledge that he has given his gift.

  6. Face your fears: A high value man faces his fears head on.  He is comfortable being uncomfortable because he knows this is the best way to become your best version. If a fear is great he finds ways to overcome it, not walk away from it.

  7. Cut your losses: A high value man moves on from people who drain his life regardless if he has known them all his life. He even cuts off family members who aren’t going on the same path as him or holding him back in life. He doesn’t try to push things along because he has an abundance mindset and knows friendships/relationships are “a dime a dozen.”

  8. Have an attitude of gratitude: A high value man is grateful for everything.

  9. Take responsibility: A high value man takes responsibility for his actions and never makes excuses. He never blames anyone or anything for things not going his way. He instead finds ways to make things better or do things differently.

  10. Live honestly: A high value man is honest and transparent in everything he does.


This list is a good starting point in your journey but is by no means exhaustive.

As I said in the beginning becoming a high value man takes guts, resilience, patience and non-stop working on yourself.

But as I highlighted, the rewards are worth it.

Do you have what it takes?


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always thanks for reading.


Suggested resources:

How To Be A Superior Man, by David Deida

What Women Want In A Man, by Bruce Bryans

No More Mr. Nice Guy, by Robert Glover

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey

Man’s Search For Meaning, by Viktor Frankl