Why The ‘Hold Eye Contact’ Challenge Does More Harm Than Good

When I did Till Gross’s Comfort Zone Crusher course I did all the challenges a squillion times over.  This massive repetition transformed my life in more ways than one.

The only challenge I didn’t do ad-nauseam was the ‘Hold Eye Contact’ challenge.

It wasn’t because I was nervous or anxious about doing it; it was because I became nervous and anxious doing it.

I’m sure most, if not all, of you who have done this challenge can relate to becoming nervous, anxious or self conscious.

For those of you thinking about doing it stop. It does more harm than good.


Because it’s not you.  I’ll explain in a moment, but first I want to share my experiences doing the Hold Eye Contact challenge.

The first time I did it was on a beautiful woman

…I froze up.

The second time I did it was on a dude.  I was so self-conscious I became tight and tense in the body and wanted to leave the interaction.  This dude was very handsome but I didn’t fancy him…not as much as the beautiful woman, anyway.

Just kidding.

The third time I did the Hold Eye Contact challenge was in a job interview.  I had an intense panic attack and broke out in an uncontrollable sweat.

I beat the crap out myself for being useless and looking like an idiot.  My anxiety symptoms spiralled out of control.

“That’s it, I told myself. I’m not doing this challenge anymore.”

Sound familiar?

As I said the reason this happens is because it’s not you.  By that I mean it hasn’t become who you are.  You’re forcing yourself to become something you’re not.  In this case, confident, assertive and self-assured. It’s the same when you go out and use confident body language when you’ve never used it before.  It feels weird, awkward and un-natural, right?  People, especially women, can tell it’s a show and find it hard to connect with you – this act repels women by the way.  I know because I’ve experienced it myself many times.

How times have changed.

I easily and effortlessly hold eye contact now – with beautiful women, CEOs, in groups…even with ridiculously handsome dudes!  It has become second nature for me. Ditto confident body language.

So how did I get to this level? By investing in myself and becoming my best version in all areas of life.  It took me awhile, but I eventually found the tools and resources that helped me get there. I applied these teachings and insights every day, and as a result, I have become a high value man who knows on a deep level that I am a gift to the world.



Next Level You

Comfort Zone Crusher Challenges are life changing and I highly recommend them…but they’re so 2015.  This is why I created Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges.  These challenges make CZCC look like a pussy, and I’ll be the first to tell you that they’re not for everyone.  But I’ll also be the first to tell you they’re a ton of fun.  If you really want to make the shift and commit to doing them two to three times a week, they’ll help you destroy your social anxiety, shyness, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and any other demons that possess you!

“Since I’ve been doing Michael’s Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges I have more control over my inner critic, better relationships and interactions with people I’ve just met, and have become more confident overall ” – Errol James Hiha.


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