How Comfort Zone Challenges Transformed My Life (1)



When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Will Appear

A few years ago I got an email from a friend.  The subject line read: “How to crush your comfort zone.” I’d heard how doing comfort zone challenges could transform your life, so I opened it without hesitation.

My friend wrote about he had recently signed up to this course called Comfort Zone Crusher Challenges and described how he had walked through a busy shopping mall with his hands in the air and asked a stranger for a sip of their drink.

 I was both excited and freaked out at the same time – I like the idea of doing something ‘out of the norm’ in public, but the very idea of it scared the crap out of me.

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

The only way to manage nervousness or being afraid is to feel the fear and do it anyway, so I signed up to the free 7 day course.

My first of many challenges was to lie down in a busy public space for 30 seconds.

I remember going out that very day to do the challenge and how nervous and afraid I felt – sweat was dripping from my forehand, my palms felt like a cake of soap, my heart was beating so fast I could see the arteries outside of my chest, and every muscle in my body felt like it was in rigor-fucking-mortis.

Translation – I thought I was going to die!

As I wandered around the shopping mall, I thought to myself ‘I can’t do this, people are going to think I’m weird…you’re a grown man, you’re going to look stupid.’

I was ready to go home when two young girls selling educational courses stopped me.

I stayed and chatted to them and ended up getting a number from one of them.

Anyway, as we chatted away I got a brilliant idea – “I’ll sign up to a course, I said to them, if you guys lie down for 30 seconds with me.”

They giggled, looked at each other as if to say ‘is he fucking serious,’ then looked at me like I was an alien… and finally agreed, so I signed up ( I cancelled as soon as I got home).  However, when it came time to follow through on their agreement, they bailed on me.

‘Oh, well, fuck it,’ I said to myself. ‘I’m going to do this anyway.’ As I pumped myself up to do the challenge I got them involved by being my time counter.

This made it a little less nerve-wracking because I was no longer doing it solo and they knew what I was going to do – I find talking about your fear, nervousness or anxiety eases the symptoms.

I believe this happens because you’re present with how you feel, accepting of how you feel, and authentic with your emotions.

Top Tip: If you’re hands are shaking due to nervousness rather than fixate on it, make light of it. For example, if I’m talking to a super hot woman and my hand is shaking (yes, I still get nervous around these types of women) I’ll say something like ” Oh no…it’s doing it again…my hand’s taking on a life of its own…quick, save yourself before it starts tearing your clothes off!” She’ll love this and it’ll turn her on. If this is too much too soon just say:”See what you do to me.” This is powerful because you’re being honest and vulnerable. High quality women find this incredibly attractive in a man.

Making light of your fear or nervousness works in any situation with anyone one, not just super hot women.

Now, back to the lie down challenge. After hesitating for a few minutes I took a deep breath and…I did it.

It felt fucking awesome!

No-one gave a shit and one guy even said “you look very comfortable down there,” as he walked by.

I remember being on an adrenaline high for the rest of that day, but the day after I had feelings of doom and gloom…


Find out why in Part 2



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