How Comfort Zone Challenges Transformed My Life (2)

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This is part two of How Comfort Zone Challenges Transformed My Life.  If you haven’t read part one yet you can do so here.

How Comfort Zone Challenges Transformed My Life (2)


I couldn’t for the life of me work out why I had feelings of doom and gloom.

I had just done something that had made me feel like I was invincible and now, less the 24 hours later, I felt like, well, I don’t really know what it was that I was feeling – a bit ashamed, a bit embarrassed, a bit silly – anything but extremely confident.

I agreed with that little voice in my head and swore I would never lie down in public again.

My Beloved Monster And Me

My beloved monster and me
We go everywhere together

Wearing a raincoat that has four sleeves
Gets us through all kinds of weather

She will always be the only thing
That comes between me and the awful sting

That comes from living in a world that’s so damn mean
My beloved monster is tough
If she wants she will disrobe you

But if you lay her down for a kiss
Her little heart it could explode

She will always be the only thing
That comes between me and the awful sting
That comes from living in a world that’s so damn mean



The above lyrics by the Eels captures the little voice in our head perfectly.

After listening to a Shrink for the Shy Guy podcast episode titled, My Beloved Monster And Me, by Dr. Aziz Gazipura, I realized that it was my inner critic, or beloved monster, that had made me feel negative about doing the lie down challenge and about doing more in the future.

Listening to that podcast episode helped me realize what was going on inside me and that I can overcome the self-doubt and negative talk that was trying to stop me from moving forward and becoming my best version. I took Aziz’s advice and worked on ways to better handle my beloved monster.  I devoured anything and everything I could on the subject of fear, self doubt, nervousness and social anxiety.

Many good books exist but the following two helped me the most:

Feel the Fear . . . and Do It Anyway, by Susan Jeffers (affiliate link)

The Solution To Social Anxiety: Break Free From The Shyness That Holds You Back, by Dr. Aziz Gazipura (affiliate link)


Three months later, and with the ability to handle my inner critic, I decided I would do the lie down in public challenge again.

This time I got the my daughter involved because her self-esteem and overall confidence needed a boost and thought this would help her the most. On her birthday we went out to lunch, but beforehand we visited a moderately busy shopping mall and lay down for 30 seconds.

We were both nervous as hell but just did it.

We felt the fear and did anyway.

Hot Tip: The more you wait or think about doing something, the more nervous and anxious you become, or the more likely you are of talking yourself out of doing it – just jump straight in.

The feeling afterwards was the same as when I had first did it only this time I believed it.

I am capable.

I am good enough.

I can do anything I want.

My daughter said she felt a bit embarrassed at first but then like she could do anything.

While we were having lunch she confidently asked the owner if they had any jobs going.

Wow, needless to say that impressed me.

As we left the restaurant we gave strangers compliments.  We were unstoppable that day. Over the next few months as we got deep into the course the magic really started to happen…


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