How Comfort Zone Challenges Transformed My Life (3)

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This is part three of How Comfort Zone Challenges transformed my life.  You can read part one here and part two here


After doing the lie down comfort zone challenge a few more times I had stopped caring what people think of me and my confidence levels had increased.

But I still found it a challenge to talk to strangers, assert myself, handle rejection or go out by myself.

So I enrolled in the full length course Make Yourself Do Anything.  

This course covers both social and desensitization challenges over a six-week time-frame and provides useful techniques on motivation, building courage and overcoming fear.


Here are videos of me doing some of those challenges:


Howling Like A Wolf In Public

Dancing In Public


Push Ups In Public

I dedicated my free time to these challenges and completed them in three weeks.

Each challenge gave a massive boost to my confidence.

Out of all the challenges I found howling like a wolf and asking an attractive stranger for their phone number on the spot increased my confidence levels the most, despite making me the most anxious and nervous.

A note: I can easily flirt, banter and ask a woman out once I’ve spoken to her a few times, but I was never confident walking over to her and asking her out on the spot.  This is because I was attached to the outcome, and as a result, froze up, or acted weird.  Now when see I woman I like I can ask her out without freezing up or acting weird because I’m no longer attached to the outcome. If she says yes, great. If she says no, that’s OK too.

 Other Ways Comfort Zone Challenges Transformed My Life

Apart from asking attractive women for their number on the spot I can:

  • Go out by myself and have a great time and meet new people. I’m not missing out on doing cool things if the people I know can’t make it or don’t want to go.
  • Assert myself and ask for what I want
  • Handle rejection better and know that this is only feedback not failure; I learn and grow from the experience.
  • Stand in front of a large audience and give a speech.
  • Go on ‘scary’ amusement park rides, and scale tall buildings in a single bound!
  • Walk up to groups and join in the conversation
  • Travel by myself to different cities
  • Wear nothing but a pink G-String at footy training (just kidding)

The two best things to come from doing these challenges has been helping my daughter build her confidence and self-esteem, and using my experiences, knowledge, and expertise to create a course that builds on Comfort Zone Crusher Challenges and help others overcome fears and limiting self beliefs.

If you would like to know more about Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges click here. It’s a fun course and it will transform your life like no other!


As always, thanks for reading.


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