My Lower Back Was Stuffed: Here’s How I Fixed It Without Drugs


Lower back pain is reason enough for the legalization of marijuana in countries where it isn’t legal – Anon.

According to recent studies lower back pain (also called lumbago) wreaks havoc on ten percent of the world’s population.  And it’s not just the physical pain we endure either – it can cripple us mentally and financially as well. Think extended time off work, loss of income, build up of debt, relationship breakdowns, and so on.  In the most severe cases, we can spend months on end in a wheelchair, or even become disabled.

No thanks.

Became A Better Man

Research in general suggests more women suffer from lower back pain than men.

What a load of hot cock.

Men on average engage in more physically demanding jobs than women, such as laboring, trades, military, long-haul driving, and pastimes like football, martial arts, boxing, motor car racing, and therefore suffer from lower back pain more than women do.

Anyway, this post isn’t about facts and figures, or who’s right or wrong – it’s about how I healed my lower back pain without drugs and became a better man. How did that make me a better man?  I hear you ask.

1. I learned about natural and holistic approaches to pain relief (medicinal marijuana isn’t legal here in Australia)

2. I became skilled in effective recovery principles

3. I improved my general health and well-being

4. I exercised the virtue of patience and the value of persevering

Back Track

I started getting lower back pain in 2012 when I was installing point of sale units in shops and supermarkets.  The job required constant bending and lifting, and a lot of driving.  On the advice of my doctor I started wearing a back brace, and within a month or so the pain went away.

I had a few relapses here and there from over doing it in the gym, but nothing too serious – the pain went as quick as it came.

In 2016 I started working as a positive role model for young men living in trauma based care.  The role required a lot of driving, up to four hours a day most shifts, and after a few months I started getting pain in my lower back again.  It wasn’t anything to worry about at first – a hot shower and good night’s sleep meant the pain generally went away the next day – but over time the pain became almost unbearable.

Holistic Approach

I started wearing a brace again, but unlike last time, found the pain would come back when I took it off.  I spoke to my doctor about this and he thought it was because of all the driving I was doing.  He recommended I get a massage at least once a week in addition to wearing the brace.

The massages helped, but the pain would return.  Sometimes it was so bad I struggled to get out of bed.  I went back to my doctor and he put me on strong pain medication.  This gave me the relief I was desperate for but the prolonged use of the drug was making me sick, so I stopped taking them.

A mate of mine who had recently cured himself of prostrate cancer by eating nothing but whole foods and drinking turmeric smoothies every day said if I did the same then my lower back pain would go for good.

I had nothing to lose so I gave it a go.

Added Mediation, Cold Showers, And Stretching To The Mix

It took a few months but the combination of turmeric smoothies, whole foods, and weekly massages worked. My lower back pain went away.  To make sure it didn’t come back I added daily mediation, cold showers, and stretching to the mix.   I found the the following five exercises the most effective.


Exercise 1: Hamstring Floor Stretch


Exercise 2: Knee To Chest Stretch


Exercise 3: Piriformas Stretch

Exercise 4: Hip Flexors Stretch


Exercise 5: Quadratus Lumborum Stretch


Ignorance Is Bliss

Whoever coined that phrase is two cans short of a six pack.  Ignoring the pain in my lower back was anything but bliss, and in the end, cost me my job.  I’ve learned from this experience, nevertheless, and now when I get pain in my lower back or anywhere else I act on it straight away. “Better to be safe than sorry,” is a maxim I now live by and apply to all areas of my life.

If you or someone you know has lower back pain give the above exercises a go. Add in a dash of mediation, cold showers, whole foods and turmeric smoothies, and you’ve got the perfect pain relief mix. Even if you don’t have lower back pain use these as a preventative measure. Remember, like anything you want to succeed in you can’t just do it a few times and expect ‘miracles.’ You need to do them daily and make them part of who you are.


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.


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