How To Avoid The One Year Itch

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“Women want men who lead. Any attempt to seduce her or win her heart will only backfire if she doesn’t already respect you as a man” – Bruce Bryans

This post expands on this quote with real life examples, and talks about ways men can avoid the ‘one year itch’ and have their women begging them for sex long after the  ‘honeymoon period’ is over.

As a men’s coach I work with a lot of guys who tell me that they have a bad case of ‘the one year itch.’ If you’ve been in a relationship for a year or longer you’ll know what the ‘one year itch’ is. If you’ve never had a long term relationship or a girlfriend before allow me to elaborate:

  • The ‘one year itch’ is when your woman loses interest in having sex with you. Indeed, sex starts to become more of a chore (surviving) than a pleasure (thriving).  In extreme cases she may lose interest in you altogether and begin having an affair (most likely with someone within your inner circle).

Right, now that that’s out of the way let’s get back into it.  Casting our thoughts back to the quote from Bruce Bryans, what do you think is the number one reason why men catch the potentially deadly ‘one year itch?’


The number one reason most men catch the ‘one year itch’ is because they don’t take the lead. Or, in the words of Dr.Robert Glover, they don’t set the tone and take the lead.

Coach Corey Wayne repeatedly mentions in his YouTube videos that in order for relationships to be successful over a long period of time men must continue to court and romance their ladies long after the second or third date has ended.

One way, and perhaps the best way, of doing this is via the Date Night. A lot of the guys I coach often say to me: “but man, I take my girl out every week.  We always have a date night…it’s done nothing to improve our relationship.”

Classic victim mentality right there folks!

When I dig deep into why date nights aren’t working for them I typically find out that that’s not entirely true.  The real reason is thus:

  1. They’re scheduling the date night for the same place at the same time every week


  1. Asking their partner what they would like to do and where they would like to go


To you and me number one is an obvious reason date nights are doing nothing to improve their relationships.

But number 2 seems reasonable, right?



I’m suffering from massive writer’s block right now so that’s all for this week. No, that’s not true, I just want to leave you hanging. Actually it’s a bit of both. Anyway, make sure you tune in next time for the conclusion of this masterpiece!


As always, thanks for reading.


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