How To Avoid The No Sex Zone

How To Avoid The No Sex Zone is a FAQ post.  It answers the frequently asked question how do I respond to women when they ask questions like “What do you do?” or say things like “Zac Efron is so hot…I want him.”

I have also had guys email me wanting to know what to do when she:

Goes from happy to sad in an instant

Blurts out “You think I’m getting fat, don’t you…Bullshit!  I can tell by the way you look at me.”

Starts setting dates/making plans on your behalf

Invites her friends over to watch a ‘chick flick’ without telling you but swears she did

Gripes about unpaid bills/fines as soon as you get home from work


We will look at ways to handle these in an upcoming post.


What To Do When She Says/Does This

When I asked these guys what they had been saying they said they’d replied with this:

“I work in I.T.  I recently made the company x amount of dollars and received a substantial hike in my pay as well as a promotion.”

“What’s so good about Zac Efron? He’s not that good. I don’t want you talking  about other guys, bub…even if they’re celebrities.”

Both of these are weak, needy and approval seeking reactions.  Both have entered the no sex zone. As you know, guys in sexual relationships who react like this are no sex zoned too, albeit temporarily.  If they continue reacting with weak, needy, approval seeking behavior, however, they’re in the no sex zone indefinitely because they’ll either be dumped, cheated on or both.

The best way to handle these questions is to respond to them.

high value man  responds to these types of questions and never reacts to them:

Here’s some things I’ve used in the past when hit with the “What do you do?” question.

 “I’m unemployed and live at home with my mother. I have no prospects and nothing going on… I’m loving it!”

“I’m in between gigs at the moment…can’t you tell…I’m a man whore.”

” I attend events like this and seduce rich, old women, have my way with them and leave with their pin number in the morning.”

Keep a straight face for a few seconds when she replies “Oh, you do not,”  or “No, seriously what do you do.” Then give her a James Bond grin and say “And I thought you were the type of girl who’s adventurous…who likes taking risks and trying new things…guess I was wrong.”

Or you can go down this path:

Her: “So, what do you do?”

You: “When you say ‘what do you do, do you mean what do I do for work? Fun? Relaxation? In the bedroom? Help me out here.”

She’ll giggle, relax into her feminine, and forget about wanting to know what you do for work and ask about what you do for fun, relaxation, and she’ll definitely want to know what you do in the bedroom.  Don’t blow it here by telling her all your fantasies or getting too funky. Just continue being the suave, charming, mysterious guy with something like: “Hang on a second. I’ve only just met you. I don’t even know you. For all I know you could be a figment of my imagination.”  Play around for a few more minutes than say “If you’re free Thursday night join me for a drink at X at 8pm.  Who knows, I might even tell you what I do in the bedroom.”

What’s going in these examples?  That’s right, I’m keeping it light, being funny, witty, mysterious and sexually suggestive.  I never, ever, get put in the no sex zone.  And I ask her out like a high value man.  A non needy, non approval seeking man.  I set definite dates. The way I see it is if she’s fuck yes into me she’ll turn up. If she’s not too fucking bad.  High quality women are a dime a dozen.

So why do women ask the question ‘what do you do’ when you first meet? Other than her being a gold digger it comes down to these three things:

(1) The conversation is boring and going nowhere and she wants to be polite – best possible outcome for you: she’ll add you on Facebook.

(2) To find out on a conscious level if you meet her criteria – for example, many women tell themselves that they will only date tradesman or lawyers, etc.  This of course is utter rubbish so you blubbering on that you’re in I.T is ‘benching’ yourself from the game in the first quarter and voluntarily buying yourself a one way ticket into the, yep, you guessed it, the no sex zone.

(3) To find out on a sub-conscious level – the level that counts – if you’re like 97% of the other guys she meets or are you the exciting, funny, mysterious guy she’s dying to meet.

In-grain the examples I have given into your psyche and you are well and truly on your way to being number 3. Welcome to the land of endless opportunity with women!

Alright, now on to the Zac Efron response.  This one is easy.  When she says “Zac Efron is so hot…I want him,” all you need to say is “So does half the population, so you better line up now.  Shit, I’ll join you. I wouldn’t mind having a crack myself.” Or you could say, “Oh, yeah…what would you do to him? Better yet, come here and show me.”

So why did she say “Zac Efron is hot…” in the first place? She wants to know that you’re still the secure, masculine, mature man she fell in love with or she wants you to be that man.  Women will test the hell out of you if they feel you’re slacking off or giving into her too much.

We’ll cover this in an upcoming issue so make sure you check back in so you don’t miss it.

As always thanks for reading.