How To Communicate Effectively With Women And Score Everytime


Women are hard wired to seek out and mate with the ‘alpha male.’  It’s the law of nature -the ‘alpha male’ in the animal kingdom eats first, has the best ‘patch,’ receives preferential treatment, is highly respected and revered, and mates with the finest females. They submit to him because he has communicated his value, worth and sex appeal without ever trying to impress them or seek their approval. As such, they respect him, trust him and know he will produce healthy offspring and protect them both. He is the king of his domain and living the life he deserves.

 A man who is highly invested in himself and shows confidence in the way he stands, moves and communicates, verbally and non-verbally attracts women easily and effortlessly.

But make no mistake this just didn’t happen.  He worked hard for this ‘status.’ He invested in himself, spent hours and hours on his inner confidence and self-esteem, faced his fears, went after what he wanted, and confronted his challengers head on.  He doesn’t need females to survive and thrive; this is simply a consequence of his actions.

Fighting for mating rights is the only thing that separates human ‘alpha males’ from animal ‘alpha males.’  Guys who fight for mating rights in the human world may seem like ‘alpha’ but in fact are nothing more than macho ‘beta’ males with low self-esteem and a point to prove. The ‘alpha male’ will defend and protect his woman but never fight for mating rights – he knows beautiful women are everywhere so doesn’t need to. In fact, he will see this type of woman as insecure, low value and unworthy of his time, regardless of how ‘hot’ she is.

A man who is highly invested in himself and shows confidence in the way he stands, moves and communicates, verbally and non-verbally attracts women easily and effortlessly.  As he is the selector and can have any woman he wants he decides which one he will connect with. What happens next separates the ‘fake it to you make it alpha’ – the pick up artist or PUA who has deep insecurities, is needy and approval seeking, who manipulates and tricks women into sleeping with him from the ‘true alpha’ – the non-needy man with high self-esteem and self-worth, who owns his value and is highly invested in himself, and sees women as his equal.

About six months ago I met a woman at a friendly get-together who we will call ‘M2’. I attracted her through the body language and actions described above. She put herself in my orbit and I initiated contact because I found her attractive.  Immediately she started testing me. First with a compliance test and then with congruence tests.


What Is A Compliance Test?

A compliance test is when a woman asks you to hold her drink, handbag, coat, or asks you to do something for her or get her something which she could do or get herself.


Case study

M2 and I had been chatting away for a while when she asked me to hold her drink while she got something out of her handbag. Not knowing any better at the time, I did.  I failed her test. How is that failing her test? I hear you ask. You were just being a gentleman. Right. She could have put it on the bar we were at while she fumbled through her handbag looking for nothing in particular.  Not only that would you hold your male friend’s drink while he reached for his wallet his back pocket? Probably not. Actually, chances are better than good you wouldn’t. So why would you act any different when a woman asks you, especially one you just met? M2 had tested me to see if I would go out of my way for her or accommodate her unreasonable requests even though we’d only just met.

In essence, she was testing to see if I was ‘a good guy’ or a ‘nice guy.’  I was the ‘nice guy.’  The best way to communicate effectively with women in this situation is to say “I prefer not to hold your drink, but thank you for asking.”  And leave it at that. You don’t need to give an explanation. If she pushes you gesture to the bar or table next to you and point out that there’s plenty of room for her to put it there.

Of course this just is an isolated example, but the same applies wherever you are and whatever she (unreasonably) asks you to do. Always turn her down in an assertive, direct manner and give her an alternative.  You will score big, sex or otherwise! Why? Because she will respect you, see you as a man of substance, a man of character who lives by his own rules, and is non-needy and non-approval seeking. You are the ‘good guy’ she is dying to meet, but don’t celebrate yet…the tests have only just begun.

The good thing is when you fail a compliance test it’s not the end of the seduction process but she’s starting to have questions about you in her mind.


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