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In part 2 of How To Communicate Effectively With Women And Score Everytime I touched on compliance and congruence tests women use when interacting with a man who has attracted them through confident body language and began a case study of my interaction with a high quality woman, ‘M2’, and how and why she used these tests on me.  This post and part 4 will further develop the meaning behind these tests and detail how I ‘failed’ them and what I have learned from the interaction.

Failing her compliance tests means she is having doubts about you.  She won’t dismiss you as weak, needy or approval seeking based on these tests alone…she will use congruence tests for that.

To recap, a congruence test is what she uses to find out if you are what you say you are.  You’ve attracted her through your confident body language and strong eye contact.  She’s forgotten about you ‘failing’ her compliance test for the moment and laughing at all your dumb jokes and ‘slick’ moves and her attraction levels are rising.  What you do and say next will make or break the liaison. 

Case Study (cont.)

M2, a 30-year-old Persian woman I met at a ‘get together’ a few months ago, began her congruence tests making fun of my career ambitions.  This is after me telling her a ‘porky pie’ – that I am a youth worker already working in the industry – rather than being honest and saying I’m studying youth work.  Yes, I lied. I lied because I needed her approval. I needed her approval because she was ‘hot’ and because I was more invested in her than myself.

“You’re too old to work with young people.”

“What do you mean? I’m not old…age has nothing to with it. I’m only 43,” I replied, defensively, my insecurities about my age running wild.

Test failed.  Why? I reacted rather than responded.  Saying something like “You’re only as old as the woman you feel…which makes me 30. That’s hardly old,” with a James Bond grin on your face, or “You know what, you’re right. I’m going to chuck it all in tomorrow and book myself into a nursing home…do you know of any good ones?” is a better way of answering this question and passing her test.  You are demonstrating you are the confident, non needy, non-approval seeking ‘alpha’ male.  You will score every time, sex or otherwise!

Women are designed to receive and be penetrated by [men] in every way…physically… emotionally… spiritually – Corey Wayne

What do I mean by otherwise…take another look at the image accompanying this post. High quality women you attract through honesty and non-needy, non approval seeking behaviour will fuck your brains out and then cook you breakfast in the morning looking like that because you are her king. Her existence is about serving you and making you happy and being happy with you. Feminine energy is about giving love and opening up to receive love.

As Corey Wayne points out in his book How To Be A 3% Man and You Tube videos “Women are designed to receive and be penetrated by [men] in every way…physically… emotionally… spiritually.”

Don’t mistake what I said above as ‘one-night stands.’  This type of interaction is typically between egocentric, manipulative, dishonest ‘pick up artists, and drunk, insecure, party girls seeking validation. It is void of any kind of emotion and filled with gratification or regret.  The scenario I talk about above is the nirvana in which a man lives in with his woman because he communicates effectively with her, understands feminine energy, and knows how to ‘bring her back to earth when she goes off the planet.’

Women will test a man when they have a ‘neutral’ or ‘Fuck yes!’ attraction.  The higher the attraction the more she will test.

So I had ‘failed’ M2’s compliance test and now I had ‘failed’ her first congruence test.  I was sinking faster than a ‘snitch’ in concrete shoes.  It’s not impossible to get back ‘in the game’ from here, but it’s going to take some smooth moves on your behalf.  And this can only happen is If she has, what Mark Manson calls in his book Models, a ‘Fuck yes!’ attraction for you. If it’s ‘neutral’ you’re done.  If it’s a ‘Meh, whatever’ you’ve been wasting your time all along and chances are she’s only testing you in non-sexual way.  Women will test a man when they have a ‘neutral’ or ‘Fuck yes!’ attraction.  The higher the attraction the more she will test.


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