How To Make Her So Wet She Begs You For Sex


“Women want men who lead. Any attempt to seduce her or win her heart will only backfire if she doesn’t already respect you as a man” – Bruce Bryans

 Don’t Become Good At Something Bad

As a men’s coach I work with a lot of guys in relationships who have fallen deep into the ‘no sex zone.’ If you’ve been in a relationship for a year or longer you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’ve never had a long term relationship or a girlfriend before allow me to explain:

  • The no sex zone is when your woman loses interest in having sex with you or makes up excuses not to have sex with you. Worse, she has sex with you but it’s so bad you’d rather masturbate over the dead magpie you saw at the park. Sex has become a chore (surviving) where it was once a pleasure (thriving).  The follow on from this is she is cheating on you (most likely with someone within your inner circle).

Right, now that that’s out of the way let’s get back into it.  Casting our thoughts back to the quote from Bruce Bryans, what do you think is the number one reason why men fall into the ‘no zex zone?’


Because they don’t take the lead. Or, in the words of Dr.Robert Glover, they don’t set the tone and take the lead.

Coach Corey Wayne repeatedly mentions in his YouTube videos that in order for relationships to be successful over a long period of time men must continue to court and romance their ladies long after the second or third date has ended.

One way, and perhaps the best way, of doing this is via the Date Night (duh!). A lot of the guys I coach often say to me: “But man, I take my girl out every week.  We always have a date night…it’s done nothing to improve our relationship.”

Classic victim mentality right there folks!

When I dig deep into why date nights aren’t working for them I typically find out that that’s not entirely true.  The real reason is they are:

  1. Scheduling the date night for the same place at the same time every week


  1. Asking their partner what they would like to do and where they would like to go

To you and me number one is an obvious reason date nights are doing nothing to improve their relationships.

But number 2 seems reasonable, right?


Asking your partner what she’d like to do or where she’d like to go isn’t taking the lead and setting the tone…it’s making her drier than a nun’s nasty.

Women want men who lead.

Taking the lead and setting the tone isn’t controlling her or denying her a say in what you do and where you go.

It’s making her wet and dating her like a man.

Any woman deeply connected with her feminine wants you to take control and lead.  If you fail here she’ll lose respect for you as a man. Forget about sex once this happens – the type of sex that leaves you fucked for days, anyway.

If she wants to go somewhere in particular, she’ll let you know.  And the beauty is you can still take the lead and set the tone when she does.  For example, when you’re in the bar, club, or having dinner, order the drinks, dare her to try something new, lead her around the venue, or on to a new one.

Use the element of surprise. Be mysterious. Be creative.  Women love this.

In my last long term relationship I would ask my partner what she wanted to do, or where she wanted to go on date night. I thought I was doing the right thing. As it turned out I was doing the nice thing, because I was only asking so I didn’t upset her – I didn’t want to make her feel left out, or that she didn’t have a say in the matter.

Nine times out of ten she replied: “I don’t care…let’s just go where ever.”


So what did I do?  Took her to the same place every week where we had the same meal and spoke about the same thing, of course.

I then had the nerve to ask myself (and her) why we’d gone from having sex 4 or 5 times a week, to once in a ‘blue moon.’

Go figure.

Then I read What Women Want In A Man, by Bruce Bryans, No More Mr. Nice Guy, by Dr. Robert Glover, and The Way of The Superior Man, by David Deida.  It took six months or so before the penny dropped, but once it did I knew what I had to do: start dating her like a man by taking the lead and setting the tone.

And lo and behold she started respecting me as a man.  It wasn’t long before we were rooting like rabbits -just like we did when we first met!

I’ll never forget the day she and her friend came out in a string bikini, grabbed my cock, and purred: “Fuck us now!”

Cari saluti da Melbourne!

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