How To Seduce High Quality Women Like James Bond


In part three of the Social Skills Masterclas we learn how to seduce high quality women like James Bond.

Note: This post, indeed, all that we do here isn’t about how to pick up women. We don’t play that game. We’re about developing yourself as a man and being in touch with your masculinity, so high quality women find you irresistible and chase you.

          Animal Magnetism 

Bond always gets the best women and every movie teaches us how to seduce them so we can too.  In this post we look at two scenes from Casino Royale which illustrate Bond’s seduction powers and animal magnetism perfectly.

Alright, let’s get into it.

A lot of men talk themselves out of having sex with women for a number of reasons, but saying too much is the main one. The less is more rule is critical when talking to high quality women you want to seduce.  Bond shows us how to do this brilliantly in this scene from Casino Royale.

The deal is signed, sealed and delivered with one word: “Very.”

If Bond had rambled on here, like a lot of men do, chances are she would’ve started doubting his masculinity, confidence, and leadership.   If this happens it’s game over because she won’t be able to respect you as a man and therefore won’t feel safe being with you.  As Bruce Bryan’s says in his book What Women Want When They Test Men: “any effort to seduce her or win her heart will only backfire is she doesn’t…respect you as a man.”

Home work: Bond’s voice is deep and manly. He speaks slowly and softly and his tonality is consistent.  Why is this important when talking to high quality women you want to seduce?  How can you improve in this area?  Why do high quality women love a guy who is playful and knows how to flirt with them?

Hooks That Kill

What did you notice about Bond before he sealed the deal?  He has strong eye contact, body language that communicates he is worthy of  high quality women, he challenges her and is a challenge for her. All three are just as important as the less is more rule when talking to high quality women you want to seduce.  Most guys think they have to be good looking, rich, have a big dick and the body of an Adonis to get beautiful women to sleep with them.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

When it comes to seducing amazing women it’s the hooks that kill not the looks.

Hook #1: Strong Eye Contact

Eye contact is a form of body language which is important during communication. How we present ourselves and communicate with others aside from talking is by our body language. Our body language speaks more than words which then logically accounts for a bigger percentage of our communication skills. Therefore our eyes speaks volumes about us and how we communicate – Why Eye Contact Is Important During Conversation

In the above scene Bond looks the woman straight in the eyes and doesn’t look away until she does first. This communicates confidence, virility, and sends a clear message: “I’m going to fuck your brains out tonight.”  Her reply is predictable: “One drink.”  Bond has made her so wet she can’t wait to take him home and fuck him senseless.

In the fourth and final installment of the Social Skills Masterclass, best selling author and conversation expert, Patrick King,  gives some useful tips on how to become highly skilled making strong eye contact, so make sure you check out the interview (link below).

Home work: Dig deeper into the reason why strong eye contact makes women so wet.

Hook# 2: Body Language

Body language that communicates high value isn’t something you can fake.  But here’s the thing: women can see right through it if you do.  They are born with a built in bullshit detector, so my advice is don’t bother. You’ll come off second best and blow any chance you have of getting the girl you want. The best thing you can do is say to yourself “hey, this is one area I need to work on or fine tune. I’m going to start or continue working on being the best version of my best self, and practice until it becomes a part of who I am.”

Did you notice that Bond stays perfectly still and remains calm the whole time he is talking to the woman?  A lot of guys would’ve been shitting themselves talking to a hot woman like this.   Some show it by moving a lot, touching their face, putting their hands in their pockets, crossing their arms, and so on.  Some hide it well and don’t do much or any the above, but nine times out of ten walk away empty handed, because she can sense he’s faking it.

Home work: Research power poses and confident body language.  How can you improve in this area? Why does confident body language and remaining  still turn women on so much?

Hook # 3 Challenge Her

Women find it hard to resist men who are a challenge and challenge them.  Watch this scene between Bond and Vesper Lynd

Home work: How did Bond challenge her? How is he a challenge for her?  Why do women find this so attractive in men?

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