How To Talk To Girls And Create Positive Emotional Tension


Women have to experience positive emotional tension with a man in order to feel attraction, attachment, and sexual passion toward him-Robert Glover

So you’ve  been reading my blog religiously and ingraining the information into your psyche.  It’s become a part of you.

Well done!

Even better, you’ve been putting all the awesome information I share about becoming better with women into practice.

You, my friend, are a rock star!!

Now it’s time to learn how to talk to girls and create positive emotional tension.

The Farmers Market – Sunday 


It’s early afternoon. You’re savoring some real bad ass street food and cruising the eclectic highway of trash and treasure (whatever the fuck that means) when you see her.

She’s so beautiful she gives you an asthma attack…and you don’t even have asthma.


Your Safety Police (I stole this from Aziz Gazipura) handcuff you and throw you in the back of the Safety Police car.  “Who do you think you are, buddy…huh? Did you really think you’re good enough for her… that we’d let you go over there and embarrass yourself by getting rejected?  You’re staying right here where it’s nice and safe!”

Six months ago you would’ve just given in to your Safety Police and played if safe.  You didn’t haven’t a choice, anyway – the Safety Police car was escape proof – there was no way you were breaking free from that bad boy.

But you did. You broke free because you a made a commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes.

You found a way out.

So now when your Safety Police handcuff you and throw into the back of the Safety Police car you just casually take the cuffs off,  hop out of the car, kick them in the balls, and walk straight over to that beautiful woman.  “Hey, I know this is random, but I saw you over there and was drawn to you.  I’m curious to know what that’s all about. What’s your name?”

She’s intrigued and interested. “Hi, I’m Michelle…and you are?”


You’re in! Now To Keep Her Interested And Excited 

Where many guys, myself included at one stage, mess up after doing everything right initially is they become boring and every day.  They’ll start asking questions like “So, how’s your day been?” Or “Do you live around here?”  Save these questions until you’re married!  Seriously, avoid these types of questions.  Say things like “So Michelle, what’s your favorite cheese? Hang on, let me guess…the type that’s wrapped in plastic, yeah.”

This is even better:

You: “So Michelle, have you ever been in  a Limo?”

Her: “No, but I’d love to.”

You: “Oh, yeah, why’s that?”

Her: “It’d be fun… drinking champagne…running amok…”

You: “Tell me about it. You do know that it’s a legal requirement for women to wear short dresses and high heels in a Limo, right?”

Her: “Ha, ha…you wish!”

You: “No, I’m serious. Have you ever seen pictures of girls in Limos wearing pants or long skirts…never happens.”

Her: “In your mind maybe.”

You: “Seems to me like I need to educate you in the ways of Limo riding.”

Grab her hand and start walking off with her. After about 30 seconds or so stop and say:

“Hang on a second. I don’t even know you. For all I know you could be a meteorologist.”

Her: “Ha, ha…What’s wrong with that?”

You: “Have you seen the weather forecast lately…”


Whether you use these examples or your own just make sure to keep the conversation light, sexually suggestive and fun.  This creates positive emotional tension and increases your chances of taking things to the next level.

Remember: Women have to experience positive emotional tension with a man in order to feel attraction, attachment, and sexual passion toward him

If you don’t feel confident enough in the moment to use humor like this remember women love vulnerability in a guy. In many ways this is more effective than being playful, so long as you don’t reveal too much about yourself, or let the nerves consume you.  For instance, this has worked very well for me in the past:

Me: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Her: Good thanks.

Me: So here’s the thing. I saw you over there and wow, you made my heart skip a beat.  I gotta say though, I was so nervous and anxious I froze up and nearly didn’t come over. But I am so drawn to you I wasn’t going to let fear hold me back from coming over and seeing what that’s all about.”

No one woman in their right mind will blow you off.  In fact she’ll be blown away by your honesty and authenticity.

And I guarantee she’ll be more than interested in you and excited by the opportunity of dating a high value man.  If she does blow you off than she wasn’t right for you.


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.


P.s If you want to go deeper into how to talk and interact with women click here

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