The ‘James Bond’ Breathing Technique Every Man Should Know


In this post I share a breathing exercise I do every day called Sat Kriya, or what I like to call The ‘James Bond’ Breathing Technique. Every man should know this technique because it helps you penetrate women on a sexual, spiritual, and emotional level.

A FAQ section is included at the end.


For Your Eyes Only

You’ve caught the attention of a red-hot girl through displaying confident body language and maintaining strong eye contact with her.  She makes the first move with a “Hey, is your name, John?” or something just as dumb, and before too long the conversation is flowing. Then all of a sudden she starts throwing congruence tests your way to find out if you are who you say you are.

She’s doing things like getting you to hold her drink, handbag, coat, or pretending she’s no longer interested in you (even though she is).  She’s shit stirring you and going after your weak spots (trust me, she knows where they are).

It’s here when most men start losing it and begin hyperventilating. They become flustered, annoyed, agitated, compliant, defensive, anxious, some even become angry (what we call ‘the wanker’ here in Oz).

No guessing what happens next.

That’s right, they leave empty handed and limp home to their three cats and convalescing grandmother.  Maybe not, but you get the idea.

Correct breathing on the other hand works like a built in wing-man and helps you pass these tests by staying cool, calm and in control when she’s applying the heat – your natural charm and charisma shines through and you pass her tests easily… and then ask for more.

She’s satisfied you are who you say you are.

Your  calming effect rubs off on her as well, so much so she starts buying you drinks, and giving you not-so-subtle hints that she wants to take you home and fuck you like she’s never fucked before.

And here’s where Sat Kriya really pays off.

How To Sat Kriya

  1. Synchronize your breathing: when she breathes in and out breathe in and out with her.
  2. Start breathing deep down into your lower belly, long and slow, as you caress her body. She’ll instinctively follow you and return serve.
  3. Stay present and in the moment through slow, deep breathing, until you unlock your entire sexual system, vibration and energy – it’s hard to put it into words, but you’ll know (and feel) when this happen

End result: hot, passionate, toe curling, linen wrinkling sex. The best sex you’ve ever had. And you won’t climax as quick as this post, either…


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.


When’s the best time to practice the correct breathing exercises?

I do them first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon (3pm) and before bed. This works well for me.   Find what time works for you and stick to it.

Where can I learn more on how to do the ‘James Bond’ breathing exercise you mention in this post?

Just run a search on Google or You TubeHere’s a good place to start.

How quick does this breathing exercise work?  When will I see results?

Instantly.  However, like anything you want to become good at or make second nature, you will need to practice them daily over a course of time. Exactly how long depends on your commitment and dedication.

 Is it best to do the exercises on an empty stomach?

The experts recommend this but I’ve experienced the cool, calming, effect on both a full an empty stomach.

How long should each session be?

How long is a piece of string?  Some experts say 4-5 minutes is adequate, while others recommend 30 minutes to an hour.  I find 5-10 minutes works for me, so I reckon it’s just a case of finding what works best for you.

Will you accept the offer to be the next James Bond?
Of course….Maybe…let me get back to you.

SOURCETantric Yoga Technique
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