The Ugliest Way To Become A More Attractive Man: Have A James Bond Shower


What the f@*k is a James Bond shower? I hear you ask.  First of all, don’t swear at me buddy! Second of all, it’s actually called a Scottish shower, as anyone who has read Ian Fleming’s novels would know, but in this age of over sensitivity we reluctantly took the PC (politically correct) route and called it the James Bond shower, which reads way better anyway – for once being PC has its perks.

So what is a James Bond shower and how does it make you a more attractive man?

Contrary to popular belief  it is not jumping head first in the cubicle decked out in a tuxedo, dodging bullets, and drinking a Vodka Martini.  A James Bond shower, as Fleming describes in the novel Casino Royale, is starting with hot water and ending with cold:

Bond walked up to his room, which again showed no signs of trespass, threw off his clothes, took a long hot bath followed by an ice-cold shower…

Having a James Bond shower isn’t pretty. Indeed, it is down right ugly. The ugliest way to become a more attractive man.  Let’s look at exactly how:

007 Ways A James Bond Shower Makes You More Attractive

  1. Become comfortable being uncomfortable
  2. Have more confidence overall
  3. Become more virile
  4. Pervade the world like a Viking
  5. Get the job done
  6. Are more focused and present in the world
  7. Have a manly musk that is irrepressible to the opposite sex

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Having a James Bond shower has a ton of health benefits too. Here’s some of them:

Health Benefits Of A James Bond Shower (JBS)

  • Improves Immunity/Circulation
  • Reduces Muscle Soreness/Faster Recovery
  • Increases Alertness
  • Gives YouyMore Energy Throughout The Day
  • Fires Up Your Metabolism
  • Boosts Testosterone Levels (having a JBS is one of the most manly things you can do. And just like any manly activity – lifting heavy weights, chopping wood, rock climbing, etc – your T-levels ignite every time you have a JBS)

Rinse, Repeat

Like anything, results vary in each individual, but I have experienced all the benefits outlined above, and have become a more attractive man from having a JBS everyday over the last year or so. And that is the key, I found -consistency. I knew if I was to get the best results I had to have a JBS more than once or twice.

After all, you don’t become a black belt from a few martial arts lessons, or get ripped from pumping iron here and there. To experience the results outlined above you need to have a JBS everyday from now on in.


Cari saluti da Melbourne! And as always thanks for reading.

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