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A knowing is stronger than a belief. I have kept that with me ever since. Whenever things get bad I have the ‘knowing’ that things will be OK – Kevin McNamara


Kevin McNamara is on a mission –  To Double Your Confidence And Raise Your Self-Esteem

“My purpose in life is pushing others out of their comfort zone so they can find their true calling and be the best they can be.”

His purpose is realized on his ever-growing Facebook group: ‘52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge.’

Each week Kevin suggests a challenge for members and encourages them to post their ‘result’on the page.

Challenges range from writing a blog post every day for 7 days to getting a ‘selfie with a stranger,’ to spending a day eating only fresh fruit and vegetables.

Kevin started following me on Twitter a few weeks ago.

I followed back instantly because he has qualities I admire:

  1. He understands personal growth comes from taking consistent action and getting out your comfort zone
  2. He is passionate about helping people become their best version
  3. He lives in the moment, but looks to the future
  4. He drinks green juice
  5. He lives honestly and invests in himself.


I have become a fan of his work, eagerly awaiting the next blog post, tweet, You Tube video  and Facebook update.

And going by the testimonials he has received from around the world so far, I’m not the only one.

I have been a member of Kevin’s “52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge” for about 5 months now, and the positive changes I have seen within myself are amazing.

I no longer talk about doing new things, things which may make me slightly (or more!) uncomfortable, but I actually DO them, complete with vlogs to our group which keep me honest!It is that powerful element of accountability that pushes me to follow through, and as I have found through this group, that space just outside my comfort zone is where the accomplishment of real growth happens!

Elias Andrinopoulos – Massachusetts, USA

Kevin is incredible, full of energy, an inspiring man. I have joined the group a month ago because i wanted to change my life and to acquire new habits. I was so inspired and enthusiastic at the beginning that i wanted to do everything.But then i just sit down, watched few videos that Kevin uploaded and realised that it doesn’t matter from where i would start, most important to start doing something different, something out of your comfort zone! It might be small, daily routine habits that we all doing on daily basis, which i would say are most stubborn habits we have. Thank you Kevin and his wonderful project! Your inspiration and support keeps me getting out of my comfort zone! Bless you!

Kristina Joniskyte – London, England



I’ve even become of fan of Driving Miss Ivy– a daily V-log of his 87-year-old mother and her words of wisdom.


Before launching his ‘new life’ as a coach/mentor Kevin served 20 years in the Victorian police force.

Kevin has lived and is living a rich, full and meaningful life, but he has experienced incredible pain and suffering as well.

He has been married and divorced twice and is currently in a long-term, committed relationship ????

He lost his daughter, Holly to SIDS

He has had prostate cancer –  a life threatening illness.

“I beat the cancer by eating plant-based foods and [drinking] fresh juice…with no medical intervention.”

That quote sums up perfectly what type of person Kevin McNamara is.


Editor’s note: Kevin agreed to this interview without hesitation – there were no ifs, buts, or maybes…just a resounding ‘yes.’


Thanks for your time Kevin.  Our readers might like to know what  a typical day in the life of Kevin McNamara looks like?

Thanks for having me.

OK, so it’s a pretty full on day. I wake up around 5 to 5.30 am. Meditate for 20 mins. Then read my affirmations and visualisations. Then go for a run then a swim in the ocean, (I run 4 times a week, swim everyday where possible) come back and head to the pool that has a kids pool that is like an ice bath. No one goes in it because it’s so cold. I sit in it up to my neck for 10 minutes and use it as an ice bath. Great for the muscles after running and swimming.


Then I write down my 10 ideas for the day. I got this habit from James Altucher. Then breakfast around 8am. Usually porridge or a green smoothie. Then I work on my business, which is anything from coaching, working on a course I am putting together, writing an article, editing a video and of course keeping up with social media. Around 5.30 pm I’ll relax with my partner for a few hours then put in a couple more hours work from 7.30. Usually in bed before 10.


Describe a comfort zone challenge you’ve done where you thought, “Wow, this is insane…do I really want to do this? Or “I can’t do this…I’m going to look like a fool,” and how you overcame the fear, nervousness, self-doubt and negative self-talk.

OK, so the biggest challenge was the first time I did some random interviews in the street. I was on holiday in Hawaii and I kept putting it off. In the end I just some how did it. There comes a time when the fear really holds you up. I had to note when that time was and as soon as I felt the fear kick in I said right, just do it. And once I did it I was on a high. I have no fear of that now.


What are three things you told yourself that kept you going during your darkest hour?

My darkest hour was losing my daughter to SIDS. The 3 things that kept me going were 1. I had to live my life for her so I couldn’t just fall in a heap. I owed her that much. 2. I started listening to Dr Wayne Dyer and one thing I learned was don’t just believe in yourself but have a ‘knowing’ A knowing is stronger than a belief. I have kept that with me ever since. Whenever things get bad I have the ‘knowing’ that things will be ok. 3. I also looked at meditation and it really helped me. Whenever I was low and depressed I would say to myself ‘its time to meditate.


If you could be a billboard what would your message be and where?

Keep Pushing and Grinding. The Growth will come. The billboard would be everywhere.


You talk about living an extraordinary life, being your best version and living each moment as if it were your last as motivation for starting the 52 week comfort zone challenges …what drives you to stay motivated each week?

I’m not big on motivation. Motivation comes externally. Inspiration comes from within..

My kids and partner inspire me each day and that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.


In your 20 years in the Victorian police force did you ever get up close personal with the Carlton Crew or Mark ‘Chopper’ Read? What is the one thing you learned from your time in the force that has become a part of you?

No, but I had some encounters with the Allen brothers who lived in Frankston and Carlton, were all dead set mad. I learned that the law basically has been set up to protect criminals. I learned also that honesty is the best policy.


You’ve been divorced twice. What have you learned about women from that experience and what tips or advice would you give readers on what not to do in a marriage/committed relationship?

I was young and just picked the wrong women. The key is to find someone who doesn’t want to control you. Both partners need to be able to give each other space, accept each other as they are and if it is the right match to love them unconditionally.


You’re very open about your life, triumphs and tragedies. Why is that?

I believe when we are vulnerable and honest with our lives and tell our story we help others. They can see that even though you have been through tough times you can still be happy and you can inspire others through your example.


If you had a secret list of ‘best books, websites, blogs, You Tube Channels’ you’d recommend, which would you include and why?

That’s a tough one Michael. Anything by Wayne Dyer. London Real is a very inspiring You Tube channel and website. I like watching Casey Neistat’s You Tube channel as he is open and inspires just by the way he lives and he has fun. Eric Thomas I like. He has a great You Tube channel. Anything that inspires you to be your best.


What are three things you have learned from ‘Miss Ivy’ that have helped you become your best version?

Haha Miss Ivy has kind of become a bit of a cult video series now. I have learned that no matter how old you are you can still be positive and inspire others.


The 52 week ‘Get out Of Your Comfort Zone Challenge’ is a successful venture and gaining momentum every day. How do you plan on building on this momentum and what can ‘fans’ look forward to both in the short and long-term?

Well I hope we keep getting more people on board and get them challenging themselves each week. My You Tube channel get Out of Your Comfort Zone TV will soon be publishing one video a week. I have started Comfort Zone Coaching also and I am working on a series of online courses. We also hope to set up our first weekend seminar by the end of the year here on the Gold Coast.


Wow, I don’t know about you but I learned a lot from this interview – about myself and some inspiring people I’d never heard of.

Time For Action

Real change comes from taking action…and being consistent.

What action are you taking today to become your best version?

If you haven’t joined Kevin’s Facebook group maybe you could become a member?

Or watch a video or two on his You Tube channel?

Perhaps you could following him on Twitter and get useful, helpful updates?

Or leave a comment on his blog?

Taking action doesn’t have to be something massive…it’s the small, consistent steps that lead to massive change.

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  2. Thanks Kevin. I really appreciate your time…I learned a lot from doing this interview with you!

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