‘Lets Get Girls:’ The New Generation Of Cringe


Lets Get Girls is typical of the new generation of cringe.  Unlike their old school cringe pals Mystery, Matador, and Sasha Daygame, who have some value in what they teach, Lets Get Girls is just a cringe fest

The dude bros, Justin and his boy, Nick, have a You Tube channel where they talk about ‘slaying pussy’ and teaching other young men PUA (pick up artist) material through in-field videos.  Their mission in life is to bring the party and  help as many lads as possible “fuck tons of girls without trying.”

I first discovered Lets Get Girls via Bearing who did a satirical sketch on the cringey dude-bros.
To be fair to Lets Get Girls they do make some good points in their videos, such as getting out and being social, working out, eating right, thinking positively, and taking action to achieve the things you want – all things women admire in a man by the way.

The problem is the rest of their material is just cringe (the type of stuff only insecure, immature, party girls go for).

In fact the material is so cringe worthy I’m just going to leave this review of them here – I can’t stomach writing anymore about these ‘fuck boys.’

If you want to ruin your week, maybe even the rest of your year, you can check out their content here


Speaking of cringe-worthy the guys over at lovelifesolved have come up with a simulated dating model called Practice A Date.



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How ridiculous is this.  I mean seriously, if you’re a man and you need to practice a date before going on a date, it’s safe to say you are never going on a date. I highly recommend lovedlifesolved as a dating and relationship resource, but this is cringe worthy beyond belief.  There’s so many things wrong with this ‘coaching’ method it’s not funny

 “In an intense 1-hour video or text sessions, Kristina will thoroughly test your ability to flirt, listen, lead emotional conversations (whatever the fuck that means), give compliments, and much more.”

If you’ve never been on a date or have limited dating experience this is only going to make you want to lock yourself in your room and masturbate for the rest of your life.  Worse, Kristina gives “forthright feedback and exercises that will help you improve these skills for the real world.”   I hate to break it to you guys but this is not possible – you can’t teach someone how to date women; it’s something you need to learn through trial and error. Every woman is different to the next and responds differently to flirting, teasing, emotional conversation (sic) and so forth.   

I have to say I do like the author’s ingenuity and forward thinking in coming up with this model. And the part about learning how to listen correctly and lead sounds promising.  But all in all, this is stuff you can learn free here and elsewhere, so paying for these skills is just dumb.

Actually, fuck that. Do yourself a favor and buy Bruce Bryan’s “What Women Want In A Man…”

Back on the topic of dumb I came across this video the other day

After perpetuating the ‘untruths’ that radical feminist only want equality of the sexes, that women get paid less than men, etc, etc, Michael Arrick explains that “if you want to succeed in dating a feminist woman you need to… be attentive to what you say and how you say it and not get offended when she wants to pay for herself to feel independent.”

And don’t crack jokes or clap because these are triggers.  And we all know how feminists react when they’re triggered


As always, thanks for reading.