How To Attract Your Perfect Match Online (3)


In this final chapter of How To Attract Your Perfect Match Online, we take a look at flirting, teasing and play fighting techniques. We talk about how this makes her feel ‘girly,’ safe and comfortable with you and moves things forward quickly.

Then  we look at setting up the first date and how to take things to the next level – sex, second date, and so on.

Before reading this post make sure you go over parts one and two.

Let’s start this post with why it is a good idea to let the woman contact you first.

Supply And Demand

Beautiful women under the age of 35 receive, on average, ten to 20 emails a week on dating sites.

Yes, it really is that many.

And yes, they do read some of them.

But the typical message is “You’re so beautiful” or “Hey sexy!” or “Wow, you’re the prettiest woman I’ve seen on here…in the last 5 minutes!”

They even get weird pick up lines like “Are you a magician? Because when I look at you, every other girl disappears!”

And Negs like “You have beautiful eyes and a really pretty smile…pity about your nose.”

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