How To Make Rejection Your Bitch



In this short post I give you two exercises to help you make rejection your bitch.

She Might Cut My Head Off!

A lot of guys avoid approaching a woman they’re attracted to because of the fear of being rejected. They seem to think she’ll get upset and yell at them, laugh at them, or punch them in the face.  Or maybe even cut their heads off! This simply isn’t true. Although the divine feminine will always cut off a man’s head if he isn’t living in his deepest depth.

I know because I used to be that guy.  The guy who had his head cut off by the divine feminine and the guy who avoided approaching a woman I was attracted to because I was afraid of being rejected.

But I digress….

Fact: Women love it when guys approach them, especially during the day.   Women want to be in a romance novel. They want to live out their fantasies and be swept off their feet by a strong, confident, masculine mature man.  If she rejects you she’s not rejecting you.  She either has a partner, testing your mental fortitude, you’ve approached while she’s busy or from behind, or you were being creepy. Or your approach was awkward or weird; you didn’t own you value and worth and froze up.

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Two Exercises To Make Rejection Your Bitch

  1. The best way to get past the fear of rejection is to go out for 30 days straight and collect as many noes as you can.  Ask a cafe owner for a free cake or sandwich, the cashier for free groceries, a stranger for 5 bucks so you can buy a coffee, or ask them for a sip of their drink.  The idea behind this is you get comfortable being told no, but more importantly, start to realize that you can handle being rejected.  At the moment I’m asking influences if I can interview them for an episode of Success Talk Magazine.  Some have said no and some have said yes. Those that have said no have their reasons. The beauty is I’ve gown from the experience: I’m more aware and accepting that people say no for a number of reasons and that it’s not a reflection of who I am as a person. Tip: When you actively seek rejection it rarely happens. It’s only when you’re afraid of rejection that you get rejected. Read that again.
  2. Go out and deliberately get rejected by women for 30 days. Don’t make it so obvious that they have to reject you. Take it seriously.  The best way to do this is ask a woman out while she’s busy, for example, a hairdresser while she’s cutting someone’s hair.  The idea is to get comfortable with her telling you no and to understand why she told you no – she was busy or it was the wrong time, etc.  Then when you approach a woman who isn’t busy and she says no for whatever reason you know you can handle it. You tell her thanks anyway and move on to the next one. Her no doesn’t bother you because you’ve made rejection your bitch.


Watch this short video of me collecting a no

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure the negative feeling of getting rejected or being told no ever goes away.  I still feel some pain whenever I hear a no.  But what I can tell you is that the more you go for no the less pain and hurt you feel.  And the negative feeling only last for a short time.  I’m nearly at the stage where I feel great about being rejected or told no.  My self-esteem has improved ten fold that is for sure.  Once the pain goes away I sit back and think: “Man, you’re awesome for doing that. Not many people can or would do that. The more I go for no the more I’m going to get the things I want.”

Now go out and get rejected!

As always, thanks for reading.


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