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Man Talk is our interview series. Here you’ll find advice and tips on improving your health and fitness, overcoming fears, the value of morning routines, and other ways to thrive and become a total fucking badass from men who have been there done that.


Read our interview with Kevin McNamara, a former cop -cum- entrepreneur and founder of  Turmeric Heals. Kevin is also a You Tuber, life coach, juice nut, and cancer survivor.


“Great Interview!”

Elias Andrinopoulos


Read our interview with Juan Balbuena, founder of the self-help Daily Achievers Facebook group, life coach, and You Tuber.


“I joined (Daily Achievers) after reading Michael Riley’s terrific interview with Juan. If you haven’t read that yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out!”

James Fraser


 Read our interview with the one and only Adrian ‘The Champ’ Starks here

adrian starks

“So, so inspiring!”

Precious Anny Okcha


“This (interview) was fabulous…Adrian Starks you are an inspirational young man!”

Janice Grace



Nyleveam Gajo


This issue looks at Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges and how it helped two men- James Fraser from Canada, and Errol James Hiha  from Australia -break free from shyness and social anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and the things that held them back from living a rich, full and meaningful life.

next level

“Since I’ve been doing them (Next Level Comfort Zone Challenges) I have more control over my inner critic, better relationships and interactions with people, I’m happier… and have become more confident in general.

Errol James Hiha, Brisbane, Australia.



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