21 Ways To Say F@%K You Mediocrity!




Here are 21 ways to say fuck you mediocrity.


Be grateful for and appreciate the things you already have

We all want the best in life.

The best house, the best car, the best job, the best clothes, the best friends, the best life partner etc.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

The thing is many of us, myself included, sometimes overlook what we already have.

Unless you are homeless or destitute I would imagine what you already have is plenty.

I have made it a daily ritual to be grateful for and appreciate the things I already have.

I say this to myself everyday: I have everything I need now. I have a car to drive, TV to watch, a roof over my head, a bed to sleep on, clothes to wear, food to eat, a computer to work on, a mobile phone and I-Pad, people who love and care for me, a beautiful, intelligent daughter and most importantly our bodies work and function the way they were intended to.


Surround yourself with successful people

In life and on social media.

By surrounding yourself with successful people you learn to become successful and develop the skills and habits of successful people.


Act as if

What this means to me is if you want to be a sought after public speaker act as if you are already one.

If you want to be a successful A-list blogger act as if you already are one.

If you want to be a business owner act as if you are one and so on.

This is a very powerful technique and will get you what you want, but you have to convince the brain and that requires believing what you tell yourself and, well,  acting as if.

As Wayne Dyer said: “If you believe it you will see it.”


Face your fears

One of the best ways I’ve said fuck you to a mediocrity  is facing my fears.

For me this was facing my fear of heights, fear of public speaking and fear of going out by myself.

I overcame these by doing Comfort Zone Crusher Challenges, enrolling in Toastmasters and intentionally going on ‘scary’ rides, observation towers, skydiving etc.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said: Do something every day that scares you.


Breathing exercises/meditation

I practice deep breathing exercises daily.

Ditto Buteyko breathing exercises.

If you are unfamiliar with this type of breathing visit http://youtu.be/jbRyhQrdFME for a good starting point.

By doing both types of breathing I alkaline the body, reduce stress and anxiety and clear my mind.

This allows me to kick ass and say fuck you mediocrity!


Invest in yourself

Find a hobby, learn a new skill or relearn one.

Join your local Toastmasters and learn leadership and public speaking skills.

If you want to become better with women or improve your dating life watch videos, attend seminars and read as many books as you can on the subject and apply that knowledge.

Ditto if you want to improve your relationships.

Attend Meetups that contribute to becoming the best version of yourself – plenty of them exist, some good, some not so good.

Part of you journey is to find the ones that work for you.

Employ a life coach to help you get to the next level.

Commit to doing whatever it takes.


Visit new places

As the saying goes a change is as good as a holiday.

By visiting new places you will get a new lease on life and experience a shift in the way you think and feel.

You will have the opportunity to meet new people and expand your horizons.

Life begins outside of your comfort zone, so start living!



Remove toxic people from your life

Probably the hardest thing to do but it is critical to being a cut above the rest and living an extraordinary life.

Anyone on your friends list who isn’t supportive of you and the changes you are making to become your best version must be scratched.

If you keep these people in your life they will do every-thing they can to make sure you don’t succeed.

It’s not because they don’t love or care for you.

It’s because they aren’t prepared to do what it takes to make changes in their lives and as such don’t want to be left behind.

Tip: Identify the people who have been negative whenever you said you wanted to do something new or improve your life and start with them first.




 Re-frame your thoughts and the way you think

I’m not talking positive thinking here.

Positive thinking doesn’t work.

As Tony Robbins says you can say to yourself over and over that there are no weeds in your garden but that’s not going to get rid of them.

What I’m talking about is rather than saying I have to give a speech tomorrow I’m so nervous, say instead I get to give a speech tomorrow and I’m going be awesome!

Say it out loud with venom over and over and you will believe it.

If you habitually say why me? Stop immediately.

You are playing the role of the victim.

Take responsibility for your life and your actions.

You are in control of what you do and how you think and everything that happens to you.

So rather than say why me? Say instead how can I make this better? Or what can I do next time so this doesn’t happen again?

By taking responsibility you will go from a place of pain to one of power.

If you’re saying Oh, it was nothing, anyone can do it change it to: You’re right. I did do a great job organizing the kid’s birthday party, or you’re right, I did do a great job on that project.

If you’re a man and in the dating game act and think like she’s lucky to be going out with you instead of trying to win her over or trying to get her to like you.

You’re giving her an opportunity to have a great guy in her life.

Trust me, she’s thinking like that instinctively so be her equal and don’t put her on a pedestal.

Look at failure and rejection as opportunity to grow; embrace it and welcome it.

One personal example I can give you is I failed over and over with my poetry but I persisted until eventually every poem I submitted got published.

It is impossible to make mistakes – every decision you make you either win or you learn.


Whole life grid 

Susan Jeffers talks about this in her book, “Feel the fear…and do it anyway.”

Jeffer’s describes how if you create things in your life that fulfill you, you are less likely to become anxious or fearful when you lose one of them.

So if you lose your job it will suck but you still have leisure, relationships, hobbies, exercise, personal development, contribution, etc. to sustain you and keep you busy and satisfied until you find another job.

This above is just a summary of the whole life grid Jeffer’s talks about in her book.

Grab her book today if you haven’t already and remember: Happiness consists in giving and serving others.


Don’t take yourself so seriously

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter.

No report, assignment, blog post, appointment, meeting is worth stressing about.

Breathe. Laugh. Relax.


Practice creative visualization

Give yourself the gift of taking sometime, preferably an hour, every day to create what you want and want to have.

Right now I’m listening to Tony Robbins’ Hour of Power.


Write goals downIf you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real. – Tony Robbins.

Be clear and specific.

What is it that you want or want to achieve?

What time-frame have you set yourself?

What steps will you take to reach your goals?

Who do you want to become and why?

What do you believe in now and how do you govern your life?

What does your future look like?

What do you believe in and value? How do you dress, act and run your life?

What is your gift to others and yourself?

Why is this important to you?

Imagine you are already your best version. How do you feel? What does it feel like?


Exercise, eat better, improve your sleep, increase your water intake. drink green juice daily, and have cold showers

If you already do this, great. If not, start today.

Numerous articles/videos/blogs etc. exist on the mental and physical benefits of exercising regularly, getting deep, restful sleep, increasing water intake, drinking green juice daily, and having cold showers, so I won’t discuss it here.

I recommend using weights with moderate cardio such as skipping and walking as I have found this the best way to gain optimum health and look and feel younger, but like anything, experiment until you find what works for you.


Be authentic with your emotions

Psychologist Till. H Gross makes a good point about not fighting your anxiety or sadness and instead accepting it for what it is and questioning it.

That’s funny, I feel sad…why is that?  Or Hmm, I’m feeling anxious…interesting?  

I use this technique all the time now and it works beautifully.

 If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like yelling, yell.

If you’re angry release the anger and then use breathing and anger management techniques to regain control.

Ever seen a child chuck a tantrum in the shops?

They are authentic with their emotions get their feelings out of the system and continue on with their day.


Write a list of how awesome you are every night

I call my list “I am fucking awesome because”…. I write down the things I have done, big or small, that day and tell myself how awesome I am, that I am a big deal, and that I matter.


Take action now

Enroll in that course.

Ask that cute person out.

Start that business or blog or write that book.

“Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Take the moment you have and make it perfect.”

You can edit a page of words but you can’t edit a page with no words.

 Live life now…No more excuses.


Leave a legacy

What will people say in your eulogy?

How will you be remembered?

How did you add value to people’s lives?

How did you make the world we live in a better place?

Ask yourself these questions every day and take action, big or small, and you will experience phenomenal personal growth.


Learn to say no

This will increase your self-esteem, over all confidence, personal growth and leadership skills.

If you’re a man, it will kill your inner nice guy, which women, especially high quality women hate – saying no will make you more attractive.

Remind yourself that you are not responsible for how the other person feels.

If the person gets annoyed and upset or carries on about you saying no they are not on your side because a person who is on your side will understand and respect your decision.

Susan Jeffers explains the benefits of saying no brilliantly in her book Feel The Fear…And Do It Anyway.


Code of conduct

Your workplace or place of business most likely has a code of conduct, but do you? Probably not.

How do you conduct your life?

What are your beliefs, morals, ethics, principles and standards do you set yourself and which you live by?

Write these down and follow them to the letter and watch yourself transform into your best version in no time.


Have cold showers

For all the awesome, amazing, super-deliocious benefits read this article




As always thank you for reading 




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