Mid Year Progress Report

progress report



Hey guys, welcome to the first Mid Year Progress Report for i am michael riley

In this report I outline:

This blog’s progress

My blogging/social media goals for 2016 and the steps I’m taking to achieve them

What’s in store for this blog in the next six months and beyond and what you can look forward to


I started this blog in February this year with the focus of writing about my personal goals.

As I began writing my first post I realized that I have something more to offer, something of immense value – help men become better with women and relationships.

I am obsessed with female psychology and feminine essence.

I have studied under some of the best coaches in the industry.

I have applied that knowledge and found out for myself what works and what doesn’t work or is questionable.

Everyday I see men or hear horror stories of men messing up relationships because they don’t understand women.

Everyday I see men struggle talking to women.

I have messed up my own relationships in the past because I didn’t understand women at the time.

I now have incredible relationships, sexual and non-sexual, with many women because I understand them and I want to help other men likewise.


As the blog starting taking shape I thought ‘why not share your experiences in becoming your best version in all areas of your life as well?’

And so i am michael riley was born.


Blog Progress

Like most new blogs, traffic started at a snail’s pace.

I am happy to report, however, that this blog’s traffic has grown each month (except for May) and performed better than the previous months.

FullSizeRender (7)

June so far has been the best month thanks mainly from doing the following two things:

Joining the Facebook group 52 Week Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge and sharing content with like-minded people

Interviewing the founder of that group Kevin McNamara

The interview is the second most popular post to date overall and the most popular post for June.


June also proved a good month for adding new subscribers, nearly five times more than any other month.

This was partly due to running a ‘giveaway’ promotion for readers who subscribed within a set time frame.

Some of my posts/keywords are on page one of Google now and as such I am starting to see good results from that.

In fact Google is my main source of traffic presently.

Traffic Source (Social Media)

Twitter – 48.7%

Facebook – 23.9%

WordPress – 13.4%

Blogger – 9.2%

Pinterest – 2.5%

Linkedin – 1.7%


Blogging/Social Media Goals

As outlined above this blog has met its goals and targets for the first half of the year.

The only hiccup being May.

I’m not sure what happened there as I published what I consider some of my best content.

As it is in life, sometimes our blog can under perform or not get the results we want despite our best efforts.

The key is to remain focused, positive and know that things will improve.

Having an ‘attitude of gratitude’ also helps – with thousands of blogs out there I’m grateful and thankful if even one person visits this blog.

For the remainder of 2016 this blog’s goals are:

Continue writing and publishing quality, value rich content.

Continue making progress with traffic and for each month to perform better than the last

Gain a minimum of five subscribers a month

Encourage more people to comment and start building a community

In the beginning I set the following mid year social media goals:

200 Twitter followers

70 Pinterest followers

50 Instagram followers

As at June 30 I have:

240 Twitter followers

87 Pinterst followers

41 Instagram followers

Unlike Twitter and Pinterest I find Instagram the most challenging as regards gaining followers and it is neither here nor there for blog traffic so far

That said I gained 11 followers in June alone through posting more and implementing video marketing.

I will continue with this strategy.

I plan to have the following followers by the close of 2016:

Twitter – 600

Piniterst – 200

Instagram – 100


What’s Next

I have two exciting projects slated for July:

Running an interview  with Juan Balbuena, founder of the very popular Facebook group Daily Achievers

N.B Interviews with high-profile guests are planned for the rest of the year.

Being featured on Shrink For The Shy Guy podcast

I have started a Facebook page where I share content I publish here as well as stuff I don’t, so make sure you head over there and become a fan!

I am in the process of upgrading this blog’s theme and functionality so it’s more visually appealing and user-friendly.

What You Can Look Forward To 

In 2017 I will begin selling my own products, E-books and courses.

 Webinars are on the menu ditto the i am michael riley podcast show

Posts from guest bloggers have been penciled in.

So are competitions, giveaways and surprises!

The first six months of blogging has been an exciting and rewarding period for me.

I am grateful and thankful to have this opportunity and for everyone who has stopped by – I am confident I have added value/made a difference to your life in some way.

Exciting times lay ahead over the next six months and beyond – I invite you to join us on our journey.

As always thanks for reading.










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