Writing poetry has been a passion of mine since I was ‘knee-high to a grasshopper’.

My work appears in leading online  magazines, journals and print anthologies both in Australia and elsewhere.

 Forty Two Cents In A Rainbow is a collection of my finest poetry to date.

It is a bizarre, flippant look at life, relationships, mental health, and of course sex.

It is free to download, however, a donation of any amount would be appreciated.





What Poets Are Saying About It

 “It’s awfully good writing”


MK Chavez on The Lumps On Her Neck


” You [Riley] are doing things no-one else is doing in poetry”


Duane Locke


Sample poem from Forty Two Cents In A Rainbow


The Lumps On Her Neck

the specialist confirmed
the lumps on her neck
were just turtle eggs
so now she only opens
her legs when the milk cartons
outnumber the eggshells
yesterday her husband wired
the scouts hall with varicose veins
the call came in just before midnight
he didn’t make it
in a mark of respect
the taxi drove her to the airport gratis
the networks canceled the evening’s
weather forecast
this time of year
her blood congeals in water
the hairs on her knuckles are
surrogate mothers for orphan lizards
for some reason
the can opener always has
a five o’clock shadow

(c) Michael Riley 2016