Lunchtime Quickies


Lunchtime Quickies are short, to the point tips on ways we can become better men during our lunch breaks or on the run.


How It Works

Each week you’ll find a quick tip or reminder in the areas of:

  • General Advice
  • Health, Fitness & Wellness
  • Diet & Performance
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Career & Finance
  • Motivation


Week 1:  How To Never Be Late

  • Set An Alarm In The Bedroom And The Bathroom
  • Get A Good Night’s Sleep
  • Leave 30 Minutes Early
  • Organize Your Meals And What You’re Going To Ware
  • Plan Your Trip
  • Make Sure Your Car Is Topped Up
  • Google Current Traffic Conditions From Point A-B
  • Download Public Transport App For Your City/Region To Always Have Up-To-Date Information On Running Times/Delays And So On

Sometimes being late is unavoidable, but if you put into practice these tips you increase your chances of being on time, every time.  Punctuality is a strong masculine trait and one that is highly valued, both in and out of the workplace.


Week 2: How To Deal With An Angry Co-Worker

Just the other day I had to deal with angry co-worker.  This guy was frothing at the mouth and wanted to kill me.  I could’ve Krav Maga’d ( is that even a word) his ass, but that would’ve got me fired and charged, and he would’ve crawled away bloodied and maimed, but still with his job. So  took a few deep breaths, and apologized for making him upset (even though I hadn’t), and left the room.   End result: He was severely reprimanded and then he quit-you beauty!

  • Don’t let your emotions dictate your actions – stay calm!
  • Ask the angry co-worker “is getting angry the best way to deal with this. Is it worth putting your job at risk?”
  • Walk away if points 1 and 2 don’t work
  • Let HR know immediately and try to get the matter resolved as soon as possible