4 Things Women Find Sexier Than Six Pack Abs And Good Looks



Women find six-pack abs sexy, and yes, good-looking men get noticed more than not so good-looking men.

If you have both good looks and six-pack abs you’re a ‘chick magnet.’

However, high quality women see your good looks and six-pack abs as ‘ho-hum’ if you fall short in one or more of the following.

4 Things Women Find Sexier Than Six Pack Abs And Good Looks

Confidence: You’ve read this elsewhere, heard guys talk about it, but what does it really mean and why do women find it sexier than six-pack abs and good looks?

Confidence is a skill anyone can learn.

With the right coaching, advice and taking bold action you can become confident in an instant.

You can gain lasting confidence through taking consistent bold action over a period of time.

Confident body language excites women or at the very least piques their interest.

I talk at length about the power of confident body language here

This kind of confidence attracts women but it doesn’t turn them on.

So what does?


In other words, you are on the inside what you’re selling on the outside.

I know many high-powered executives, thought leaders, and industry experts who freeze up around women.

All highly confident, self-assured men at work, but needy and approval seeking around woman, especially high quality women.

This naturally drives women away – in fact, it repulses them.

Women want men who live honestly, and have principles and standards.

Men who are more invested in themselves than her (non needy, non approval seeking), and who continually invest in themselves.

They want a masculine mature man, who knows how to lead and control without being controlling, can communicate effectively, and who can stand up to them, not put them on a pedestal and pass their ‘tests.’

This is the kind of confidence that makes women wet because they respect you as a man.

Personality and Attentiveness – a man with a great personality (easy to get along with, open-minded, friendly, thoughtful, approachable, flexible) and attentiveness is way more sexier to a high quality woman than six-pack abs and good looks.

She wants a man who she can connect with a deep level, who’s fun and makes her laugh, mysterious,interesting, adventurous, and most importantly listens to her.

To best way to listen to her and be attentive is to use active listening skills.

If you have these qualities, are congruent and genuine, you will not only turn her on but you will find yourself in an awesome relationship with a woman who will treat you like a king – your life will be bliss, my friend.

Grooming and Hygiene – You’re good-looking. You’ve got six-pack abs or are at least in good shape.

You’re congruent.

But you’re high on the nose or have poor grooming habits.

Guess what? She’s not going to hang around.

That’s right, regardless of your physique and the fact that you’ve ‘got it all together,’ if you fall short in the grooming and hygiene department it’s game over.

Every woman I’ve been in a committed or short-term relationship with has told me, point-blank, how much of a turn off poor grooming and hygiene is.

They also said they would pass up a date with Brad Pitt if he fell short in this area.


Take note guys.

They all mentioned that they find a well-groomed, clean, average looking Joe sexier than a poorly groomed, high on the nose stud.

We all know that we should brush our teeth and floss twice a day, shower and shave at a minimum once a day. Likewise we should wear a quality deodorant, Eau De Toilette daily, and pluck our eyebrows, nasal and ear hairs at least once a week. Ditto clipping our finger and toe nails.

I’ll put my hand up and say I have days where I don’t do some or all of the above.

I need to make this a non-negotiable routine and so should you.

Fashion and Style – Despite what you see in the movies and tabloids women want men who dress like men, not women.

A high quality woman doesn’t want a man who wears skinny jeans, pink, or long t- shirts, has a ‘man bun’ or carries a ‘man bag.’

If you see women with these types of ‘men’ she is either doing what society tells her to do, is incredibly insecure or domineering, or both, or the guy has been ‘friend zoned.’

So how do you dress like a man?

Wear clothes that fit and match and reflect your high standards.

This doesn’t need to cost a fortune – I recently upgraded my wardrobe for under $250.

You don’t – and won’t see James Bond in skinny jeans, or baggy shirts or .wearing a ‘man bun.’

Nor will you see Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Sly Stone or James Dean carrying a ‘man bag.’

And they all have haircuts that suit their face shape.

If your current hair cut is asymmetrical to your face fix it immediately!

I mention the above ‘action heroes’ because they are masculine mature men and dress accordingly.

I recommend modelling yourself on these men and not just their fashion sense.

Study their behavior, the way they carry and conduct themselves.

Their standards and principles.

The way they interact with and around women.

Note: This list is just a starting point and is by no mean exhaustive.

Women find many things in a man sexier than six-pack abs and good looks. A  man deep in his purpose or curating his own path, for example, is something high quality women find very attractive.

Each book in the suggested further reading list highlights these things in detail.

Make sure you read them …10-15 times and apply what you learn.

As always, thanks for reading.

Suggested Further Reading:

The Way Of The Superior Man, by David Dieda

Models; Attract Women Through Honesty, by Mark Manson

How To Be A 3% Man…, by Corey Wayne

What Women Want In A Man, by Bruce Bryans



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