007 Ways To Be Smooth As James Bond


James Bond is the epitome of smooth. We’ve all heard the saying: ‘women want him and men want to be him.’

Bond lives an extraordinary life. And he does it on his terms.

He has the life most men only dream about – high quality women dying to sleep with him; the best job (come on, who wouldn’t want a career as an international man of mystery jet setting the globe chasing after bad guys?); the sexiest cars complete with ejector seats, tire slashers, and an array of anti-villain death traps; watches that cut through rope and burn the fuck out of Blofeld’s face; the finest designer threads…the best of every-god-damn-thing (asshole).

While we may never have all that we can definitely live life on our terms, and have the hottest women, finest threads, and successful career to boot.   Gentlemen, below are 007 ways you can be as smooth as James Bond and live the life you deserve.

001. Dress For Success

You don’t need to spend big dollars on suits and designer fashion to look smooth like Bond.  Women approach me whether I’m wearing a thousand dollar suit or twenty dollar get-up from Target.  I’ve clinched massive deals and been successful in job interviews wearing jeans and a sports jacket. The key is not the design or price tag (though this I agree does make you feel good and give you that ‘something extra’), it’s wearing clothes that fit and match, and knowing on a deep level that you’re an unstoppable, sexy motherfucker.

I’ve lost count of the number of bigger guys I’ve seen wearing shirts ten times too big for them, like this bozo

fat guy too big

The general consensus is these guys wear over-sized clothing because they think it makes them look smaller. Thing is, it just makes them look dumb. Women want men who are confident and secure with themselves, regardless of their shape and size, not a circus side-show.

Contrary to popular belief it’s not so much the clothes women like; its how the clothes  fit and match.

So if the example above is you work on your confidence and self-esteem and start wearing clothes that fit and match. Here’s a good example of Mr. Bond modelling clothes that both fit and match (I sound like a fucking parrot).

bond t-shirt
It’s actually Daniel Craig portraying James Bond…

Of course every man should have at least one quality, tailor-made suit in his wardrobe. Important: Do not buy your suit off the rack!!!!  Watch this video to find out why.

002. Grooming/Hygiene 

Drop 50 bucks and get a proper hair cut. By proper I mean a style that suits your face shape. Buy tweezers and pluck your eyebrows. Go and buy yourself a nasal hair trimmer and a quality shaver.

Treat yourself to a traditional wet shave from your local barber’s once in a while for that James Bond smoothness.


Non – negotiable:  Floss and brush your teeth twice a day – ditto bathing. It doesn’t matter how smooth, confident or good looking you are, if you’re high on the nose no high quality woman will come near you, and no employer will fucking hire you (unless you’re a pommy backpacker entrepreneur desperate for a back scratch and a dishwasher). Wear a quality deodorant/aftershave/ eau de toilette at all times. If you’re a heavy sweater use an anti- bacterial roll on or spray.

Speaking of bathing turn your nice,warm, hot showers into freezing cold ones. In Fleming’s books, James Bond has cold showers or what he calls “Scottish Showers.”


Having cold showers strengthens will power, builds emotional resilience, reduces stress and increases testosterone, among other things.

Watch me having a cold shower and have a laugh at my expense!

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003. Body Language

Bond is the ultimate alpha male.  He is confident and knows he is a hung-like -a- donkey stud. He knows he is the best and he communicates this through his body language. He doesn’t apologize for being a man, embraces his masculinity,  and isn’t afraid to show sexual desire for the women he comes across whilst en route.

bond body language
Should’ve taken the Bentley, old boy…

The very fact you are here on this planet makes you awesome and capable of great things.

If you don’t know this already invest in yourself until you do. Start with studying confident body language techniques and watch this Ted Talk on power poses

Women, especially high quality women, love men with confident body language who believe in themselves and freely express their masculinity and sexuality without apology – it makes you ten times more attractive than the next guy.

004. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Whether it’s writing poetry, building miniature air-craft, or running a marathon we all have something we’re passionate about or interested in. I have many interests but none which challenged me, so I enrolled in Toastmasters –  a public speaking group.  The challenge of giving prepared and impromptu speeches in front of large groups of people twice a month has been richly rewarding in more ways than one – in addition to learning a new skill and overcoming my fear of public speaking I have developed and fine tuned my leadership ability and made some genuine connections with like-minded people.

Find or resuscitate a hobby where you are out of your comfort zone and watch yourself grow as a person.  Better yet, start your own group.

Meetup.com is a great place to get it going.

005. Fine Tune Your Communication Skills

Becoming as smooth as James Bond means your writing and speaking is top-notch. Bond speaks clearly, slowly, articulately and with authority. And he speaks from the diaphragm.

Learn how to speak louder and deeper  without moving higher in pitch and how to speak properly as a staple of your self growth and becoming your best version.  This videos will help get you started:

My mother always told me “the pen is mightier than the sword.”  As a child I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about but as I grew up it made perfect sense.  Having well developed writing skills means you communicate clearly, succinctly, and persuasively. It also elevates your credibility.  You increase your chances of getting a promotion or landing that well paid senior position and even that high value women you’ve had your eye on.


Because you’re a man of high status, refinement and class who is invested in himself.

006. Read Everyday

Whether it’s a blog post (preferably this one!) a novel, biography or the back of a cereal box this is something you must do.

Reading teaches us, inspires us, makes us better human beings.

The man who doesn’t read good books doesn’t have any advantage over the fellow who can’t read a line – Mark Twain

Besides, 007 himself is well read… and in more languages than one. Which leads me to the final point.

007. Learn Something New  

Like a language, a skill, a hobby, sport, martial arts…you get the picture. 

Many benefits come from learning something new including:

  • Sense of accomplishment and pride in oneself
  • Build confidence, self esteem and self-worth
  • Make new connections with like-minded people
  • Discover a hidden talent

Most importantly you’re investing in yourself and becoming a better man. And we all know when you become ya better man you start getting better things.

Bonus Tip

Bond stays in peak physical condition, despite his excess Vodka Martini consumption.

If you’re overweight or out of shape join a gym and start eating healthy. High quality women find the commitment, dedication, sacrifice and hard work you put in to get ripped and toned sexy as hell- even sexier than your ripped, toned body.

Extra Bonus Tip

Bond lives the way of the superior man. In short, the superior man nurtures, nourishes, supports, and find the good in everyone. The superior man gives value without expecting anything in return.  He never belittles, betrays, gossips, or puts anyone down (other than that ass wipe who tried to nick his Walter PPK).

And his word is his bond.

Cari saluti da Melboure! And as always thanks for reading.