Three Breathing Exercises That Help You Become Better With Women



In this post I share the three breathing exercises I do every day and explain how they helped me become better with women and my best version in all areas of life.  I include answers to FAQ at the end of this post.


Why Breathing Exercises Are Important

Correct breathing is essential for optimum health and well-being.  Many of us are shallow breathers because we are:

(1) Not aware of how to breathe correctly;


(2) Are aware but so busy we forget or neglect to breathe correctly.


I was number 2 for a long time. I knew how to breathe correctly and why it was important but it wasn’t something I gave much attention.  That all changed when I fell ill with a violent chest infection and found myself at times gasping for air.   I practiced correct breathing three times a day and it helped me no end.   I needed asthma medication as well, but only for a short time, such is the effectiveness of correct breathing.

The three breathing exercises I do every day are:

Reduced Volume Breathing

Alternate Nostril Breathing



So how does correct breathing help you become better with women and crush it in life?  By keeping you calm, relaxed, confident, focused and in control.


Women Test You. Life Tests You. 

Your confident body language and strong eye contact attracts women.  When you approach her, or she approaches you, she’ll test your congruence – ‘is he on the inside what he’s selling on the outside?’


She’ll do things such as getting you to hold her drink, handbag, coat, etc.  Or pretend she’s no longer interested in you even though is.  She’ll shit stir you and go after your weak spots.


If you  become flustered, annoyed, agitated, compliant, defensive, anxious, you’ve failed her tests.


Correct breathing helps you pass these tests by staying cool, calm and collected when she’s applying the heat – you’re able draw on your vast knowledge and natural charm and deal with the situation like a high value man.  You have a calming effect on her as well. So she’s going to forget about testing you (for the time being) and really get into the moment with you.

You are unable to do this if you’re breathing is shallow or you’re over breathing.


When you pass her tests you experience awesome dates with an amazing woman who will go out of her way to satisfy you and make you happy.  And your crossed eyed for days from all the hot sex!


Life tests you just as fiercely as women – every day we face stressful situations, some more so than others. Correct breathing allows you to pass these tests or deal with them because you remain focused, calm and in control. You are able to make decisions or find solutions to problems easily and effortlessly. Eventually you get to the stage where you welcome and embrace life’s problems because you know you can handle them, and more importantly, grow from them.


As always thanks for reading.



When’s the best time to practice the breathing exercises ?

I do them first thing in the morning, mid afternoon (3pm) and before bed. This works well for me.   Find what time works for you through practice and stick to it.

How quick do these breathing exercises work?  When will I see results?

Instantly.  However, like anything you want to become good at or make second nature, you will need to practice them daily over a course of time. Exactly how long depends on your commitment and dedication.

 Is it best to do the exercises on an empty stomach?

The experts recommend this but I’ve experienced the cool, calming, confident results on both a full an empty stomach.

How long should each session be?

How long is a piece of string?  Some experts say 4-5 minutes is adequate, while others recommend 30 minutes to an hour.  I find  4-10 minutes works for me, so I reckon it’s just a case of finding what works best for you.


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