Top 5 Sporting Moments Of 2017


I don’t know about you but I reckon 2017 had some of the most adrenaline pumping, heart pounding, can’t -talk -the- next -day- from- screaming – moments in sport that I’ve seen for many, many years. Typically, it also had some cringe worthy moments as well.

Here’s the top 5 sporting moments as voted by you the reader.

1. Australia Reclaim ‘The Ashes’

The Urn Returns

For those of you living outside of Australia and England, indeed, any of the cricket playing nations,  TheAshes is, in the words of former Australian captain, Ricky Ponting  “the pinnacle of the game.”  But even ‘Punter’ would agree it’s more than that.  The Ashes started out as the ‘under dog,’ the forming nation of Australia, versus the might of the antipodes, the British Empire, and in many ways, remains that way.

Having lost The Ashes 3-2 in 2015 Australia reclaimed the urn on the 18th of December at the W.A.C.A, Perth, and took a 3-0 lead in the series.  Australia now leads the head to head battles 33 -32 since The Ashes began in 1882.

Best cringe worthy moment: Australian captain Steve Smith convulsing with laughter during a press conference. The incident came after Australian batsman, Cameron Bancroft told the media English wicket-keeper, Johnny Bairstow, greeted him with a ‘head-but’ in a Perth nightclub.

Steve Smith in ‘full cry’ during a press conference

 2. Mayweather Vs McGregor

Ah, yes, the much hyped bout between Floyd ‘I hate’ Mayweather and Conor ‘Mary’ McGregor.  What a spectacle. What a great sporting moment. Hats off to Mayweather for winning 50 fights in a row. Commiserations to McGregor who “fought a hell of fight,” and lost.  Still, many pundits say ‘Mary’s’ performance was a win for UFC

Let’s take a moment to re-live all the gory glory and cringe worthy moments

3. Johnathon Thurston’s Sideline Conversion – S.O.O Game 2

No worries, mate!

Johnathan Thurston has converted a ton of kicks from the sideline in his illustrious rugby league career, so why did this one make the grade as a memorable sporting moment of 2017?

Easy – the kick won Queensland the match in the dying seconds of the game and kept the best of 3 series alive, which QLD went on to win.  But the most memorable, and dare we say heroic, chapter of this incredible passage of play was the 34 year old Thurston booted the 2 pointer having played the entire match in pain from a busted shoulder.

Best cringe worthy moment(s):  Jarryd Hayne’s selection…and repetitive blunders in game 2 which let QLD back in the game.

Oh, come on, sir…that was my stuff up, not his!

4. Patriot’s History Making Comeback In The Super Bowl

You beauty!

The Atlanta Falcon’s led 28-3 in this game. 28-3! So how did they lose it?  Brady. Tom Brady. With a humiliating defeat on the cards, the New England Patriot’s quarterback and NFL legend, pulled ‘his finger out’ and started playing ball.  Brady ran amok as he reeled off 25 consecutive points and forced the game into overtime, the first in Super Bowl history.  Brady continued his onslaught in extra time and the Patriot’s ran out winners 34-28.

“We all brought each other back,” said Brady, who became the first quarterback in history to win five Super Bowls, four M.V.P.’s, and the least convincing utterance of modesty.

Best cringe worthy moment: Lady Gaga’s half time performance

I was born this way…

5. Hamilton Versus Vettel – F1 Racing

She’s sweet, bro…

Confession: I’m not a fan of formula 1 motor racing, but it’s hard to argue with this selection.  The Lewis Hamilton versus Sebastian Vettel showdown stands proud on the proverbial podium as a memorable sporting moment, so much so that it clipped Hamilton’s forth Grand Prix title for it’s place here in the top 5.  For those of you don’t know Vettel lost all self control and rammed into Hamilton in Baku.


Well, according to The GuardianVettel believed Hamilton had brake-tested him before a safety car restart and in doing so damaged his front wing – incensed he pulled alongside and sideswiped Hamilton’s car.

Can you imagine this guy in rush hour traffic…

Best cringe worthy moment: See above or below

Road hog!

What was your top sporting moment of 2017?

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