Tumbleweed And Me: How I Stay Focused With Little Or No Traffic


I’ve been blogging for just over six months now and while I have had some success my blog is a ghost town – on most days tumbleweed visits out number the human ones.


“A ghost town with tumbleweed is better than no tumbleweed at all.”


It’s lonely at times but I know this blog will take off and become ‘the go to in its niche.’ Why?  Because it has to man…otherwise I’ll starve to death! I’ve invested every last cent I have in this blog…

Just kidding.

Sad thing is many bloggers carry on like this.  They expect instant results and when they don’t get them they lose their shit and blame everyone but themselves for their misery.  “They promised me if I bought this E-book, this program, this whatever, I would get 10, 000 visits a month and a million subscribers in my first week.”

If only they’d followed the one person rule.  

What’s the one person rule, I hear you ask.  The one person rule is this: when you start something new, like a blog, you set yourself realistic goals and targets using the S.M.A.R.T system (the most effective in my opinion.)  You  research and settle on a premium theme, etc.  Then you say this to yourself until it becomes real: “for the next 6-12 months I am successful if I reach only one person. That means I have met my aim of  [whatever this is for you]. Everything else is a bonus.”

I live by this rule and it has helped me overcome the panic, frustration, and disappointment when I have little or no traffic.  More importantly, it helps me stay on track and not quit.  The one person rule also means you are doing this for you. You are investing in yourself. Your self growth, self-fulfillment, and happiness within yourself. If they come, they come; if not so be it. I’m having fun and learning new things as well things about myself.

We live in a world of now

And we expect instant results.

When we don’t get them or experience a ‘dry spell’ many of us lose focus.

…and give up, or worse, become depressed.

It’s a cliché but the first thing I do when I’m in a ‘dry spell’ is look at the big picture and ask myself the following questions:

What am I proud of?

Starting this blog and following through with posts as per schedule despite little or no traffic.

What have I achieved so far?

More than half of my traffic is returning visitors – people engaging with my blog on a regular basis.

Some posts ranking well in Google search (see below)

Why did I start in the first place?

To help men become better with women and relationships and everyone become their best version and live the life they deserve.

Did I really expect to have instant success, i.e  – a million visits a month from the start?


I then look at the facts.

So using this blog as an example I write things as they are (not worse, not better):

Fact # 1:  Accept Reality: I accept and acknowledge it is going take longer than six months before this blog becomes an authority.  I’m in this for the long haul and know it requires gallons of double strength short blacks, late nights and giving up some weekends before it is a well read, go-to blog.  I started this blog to give my gift of helping people and serving others and I know I will prevail because I am patient and willing to bide my time and do whatever it takes – it’s worth it.

Fact # 2: Accept Responsibility: I accept that my blog is still very much a work in progress and understand that in itself is hardly a draw card for huge amounts of traffic now. I accept that I need to comment more and connect with blogs in my niche and elsewhere, guest post, join forums, build my social media presence, etc. I commit to taking action and making things happen.

Fact # 3: Celebrate And Reward Yourself: I celebrate the successes I am getting now no matter big or small.  For example, I’m ranking well on Google already for the following posts:

What I Learned From Coming On Too Strong With A High Quality Woman

How I stuffed up With A High Quality Woman 

Why You Freeze Up Around Beautiful Women

So it’s only a matter of time before this blog inundates with (targeted) traffic.

The number of unique visits each month is growing and the ‘bounce rate’ is in line with many of the more established blogs.

It’s evidence I am making progress and validates my hard work.

I reward myself in many ways – a nice dinner, an expensive gift, a pat on the back.

“If you talk about it, it’s a dream; if you envision it, it’s a possibility; if you schedule it, it’s real.” – Tony Robbins.

Fact # 4:  Take Action: I live and breathe this quote because it is true. I have experienced the power behind this in other areas of my life, such as personal and study goals becoming a reality.  I have scheduled what I will achieve, why I want to achieve it and how I will make this blog a leader in its niche through the action steps I take everyday, so it is real and therefore it will happen.

The same applies with anything in life whether it’s dating, work, your social circle and so forth.  Take action and make things happen.

Quick Tip: When writing your posts always imagine you’re writing a guest post for an A-list blog.

Fact# 5: Breathe: Life is short and nothing in life is worth stressing about. This blog is important to me but it’s not the most important thing in my life. That title goes to my health and my family. As I mentioned earlier, if this blog is meant to be successful it will be; if not, so be it.

I’m going to have fun and enjoy the process regardless.

Fact#6: All we need is just a little patience”You have to crawl before you walk.  No matter who we are when we start something new or learn a new skill we have to serve an apprenticeship.  Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income regularly talks about how it took him 18 months before he became ‘visible.’  Flynn started in 2008 with little or no traffic and now eight years later he is the ‘go to’ figure in his niche living the ‘laptop lifestyle.’

Will It Fly?

With that in mind I accept and acknowledge the next 18-24 months is my apprenticeship and learning phase. I know that through hard work, sacrifice, commitment  and patience this blog will do more than fly.

It will soar.

Before I go I will leave you with another quote I live and breathe:

“If you believe it, you will see it.” – Wayne Dyer.


As always thanks for reading.


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