How Improving Our Writing Makes Us Better Men


Learning to write well is an investment in ourselves.  And just like lifting weights improves us on a physical level and makes us better men, learning to write well does the same thing on a cognitive level.

You thought becoming a better man was just about being a better father, spouse, brother, uncle, co-worker, community member, understanding women, eating well, getting into (better) shape, overcoming a fear, and so on, didn’t you?

While it is all those things, becoming a better man demands we’re continuously developing/building on our existing communication skills as well, especially our writing.

A man who writes well communicates intelligence, prestige, and refinement.  He is highly skilled, focus, driven, revered by his peers, and in high demand in the workplace.  A lot of employers are screaming out for staff who write well, and can get their message across clearly and succinctly.  And they’re open to paying big bucks to get them on the team.

Improving our writing can lead to higher paid jobs, promotions, and well may provide job security in a sometimes volatile job market – companies still need to communicate regardless of the current economic climate, even more so.

In this two part series we look at ways to improve our writing skills.

Episode 1: How To Write Sexy

“I’m bringing sexy back…” Justin Timberlake.

I’m not a fan of J.T. But I like his message in this song: Success comes from being sexy, confident and persuasive. Today we’re going to learn how to write ‘sexy.’

Short, confident, and persuasive sentences are hot and sexy and a great way to keep your reader’s interest. Let’s have a look at some sexy techniques you can use to spice up your syntax. God, that’s a sexy word.

Add an infinitive phrase:

Instead of writing: ‘One great way to improve the number of visits to your site is to comment on as many blogs you can.’ Write: ‘To improve the number of visits to your site you should comment frequently.’

Use a subordinating conjunction to combine sentences:

Instead of writing: ‘I thought I had written an average post. The feedback was better than I thought it would be.’ Write: ‘I thought my guest post was average until I read the awesome feedback.’

Change a statement to a question in quotes:

Instead of writing: My friend and I thought about starting a niche website but couldn’t commit to it in the end. Write: I turned to John and asked, “The niche website isn’t going to work, is it?”

Join two sentences with a comma and a coordinating conjunction:

Instead of writing: ‘I know I can win the guest post competition. I just have to write better than John.’ Write: ‘I know I can win the guest post competition, but I will have to write better than John.’

Avoid starting sentences that end in ‘ly’:

Instead of writing: Sadly, I didn’t win the guest post competition.’ Write: ‘I didn’t win the guest post competition.’

Avoid starting sentences with there is or there are:

Instead of writing: ‘There are many good books about blogging available.’ Write: ‘Many good books about blogging are available.’

Instead of writing: ‘There is an awesome new blog about Yeti’s coming out next month.’ Write: ‘An awesome new blog about Yeti’s is coming out next month.’

Don’t Forget To…

Add your personality to everything you write, even formal or business documents –  it’s engaging, honest, and won’t bore the pants off the reader.  Just apply the ‘horses for courses’ rule and use common sense.

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Cari saluti Melbourne! And as always, thanks for reading.

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